Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Back from the farm. I mowed the lawn Saturday - it's old, running on gasoline and it takes Hulk and Conan the Barbarian to start it. I didn't have them to help me, so sadly my arm/shoulder  had to die before I got it started. But the job got done!  By Sunday I couldn't move and least of all drive a car.

Instead I got to stay two days extra up at the farm all by my lonesome - well - Georg was there, of course. Watched a bunch of movies. And there were quite a storm with howling winds, rain and hail. The house was creaking so bad, even Georg got a bit worried looking up towards the roof as if he feared it taking off. It did sound like it would, but the house is more than a hundred years old. They knew how to build for keeps back then =) I LOVE it up there when it's storming.

Oh, I'm on anti inflammation meds and doing a lot better


  1. My older sister had a similar lawnmower experience. She told me that she tried and tried to start it. Said words she thought she had forgotten; she thought the process was going to kill her, but after Herculean effort and dogged determination, she finally got it running!

    When she complained about it to her husband later that day, his eyes became like saucers, and he said, "You got it started??? That thing was DEAD!"

    BTW, she's the sister whose husband's grandparents came from Norway.

  2. hahaha aye, that sounds like me, alright. When I've worked myself silly without success, I leave it for 5 minutes and then go back at it. Sometimes that is all it takes and it'll start on the first pull of the wire, other times it takes determination and good ole Norwegian stubborness ;-)

  3. ...I read now that I wrote Norwegian, but I did mean female stubbornness. I don't think stubbornness knows any national borders

    1. Oh, you can learn stubbornness from culture! A lot of cultures have it. God called His Own People 'stiff-necked'.