Friday, May 11, 2012


My brother in law just gave me a disk with a bunch of blue ray movies on it. He borrowed it from a friend and just told me he will need to get it back soon. I don't know how many days I have.

I'm in movie heaven right now, but I have a major problem. I'll probably not have time to watch them all and I only know some of them and need advice about which ones to watch first and which ones to watch-if-I-get-the-time.

List in no particular order(those I haven't watched yet):

Captain America
Catch 44
Conan the Barbarian
Crazy stupid love
Dragon gift of the night fury
Earth's final hours
Everything must go
Friends with benefits
Green Lantern
Hall pass
Horrible bosses
Hostel part 3
In time
Johnny English 2
Killer Elite
Margin Call
Real steel
Riddick duology
rise of the planet of apes
storm war
the adjustment bureau
the big year
the fighter
the sunset limited
the change-up
the debt
the double
the lincoln lawyer
the tourist

additional movie watched: Iron Man II

I hope I got the names and spelling right, apologies if not

I am going to watch Captain America next. I want to watch Conan and Green Lantern but which of the others do you recommend I watch after that? Halp pweeeze?

I've striked out those I've seen. I loved The Green Lantern. It was better than I expected, positive surprises are always such a treat =)

Hubby will be home from the seminar late afternoon today. I'm heading up to the mountain. I just have to clean the floors as Simen 'walked' Georg into a mud-hole yesterday night and my living room has been turned into a dirt field.

Ooooh, guess what?! I get to drive the new car. I will come to love this car to death, I just know it. Comfy leather seats, cruise control, stereo controls, etc on the steering wheel. A decent stereo. It even has the old fashion cassette deck. Gotta love the Swedes! Someone - presumably the former older -  had gifted us with a CD with Swedish 'danseband' music on it which nearly had Simen and I throwing up instantly upon hearing it. Thank goodness we managed to get it turned off quickly enough to avoid such a catastrophe.

The car also has AC - it's the first of our car that has ever had such luxury and I'm afraid I have to admit; I can get used to this. I'll probably cry a little every time I have to drive the old manual el cheapo Volvo from now on....Talk about getting spoiled quickly

I'll be updating the movie list when on Monday. Runar hates anything Marvel or Sci Fi or Fantasy, so I'm guessing it'll be comedies, but I think I'll have time to watch the Pitch Black movies before he gets there *crossing fingers like crazy* as I REALLY want to watch the last of those.

Update 2:

Watched more movies. Watching Reel Steel tonight. Not sure what others I'll manage to plow through this weekend. Handing back the ht...something next week.


  1. In this order:
    Adjustment Bureau
    How to Train your Dragon
    Friends with benefits

  2. That is the 'How to Train your Dragon' movie?!? shouldn't have been on the list, I have seen that one. Loved it =) So many recommend the Adjustment bureau, I'm gonna see that one next!

    Oh, Conan *cries a little*

    It started good. I was thinking 'hells yeah! I like this.'«Hellboy» is the dadman.' Then the dadman forged a sword. It was a sad moment. There were more sad moments, but the saddest part is that I really liked most of the actors – except from the sorceress, oy vey! She's pretty enough, but it looked like she didn't know how to portray that role, didn't know what to do and on a random panicked note, decided to be poetic about it and make it a poorly choreographed dance thing.

    I loved both the young and the grown-up Conan. Tamara is smoking hot.

    ...I want them to do a new one with mostly the same actors, but other perople making it.