Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First boat trip this season

We've suddenly got summer temps (That means 22 C) and decided to take the boat out into the archipelago. I made a 'lunch' pack, boiled some eggs and off we went. We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and evening watching the sun set from the sea.

Remembered to bring my camera. I took a bunch of photos, but my photography skills are rather hopeless.

some have already started the bathing season. Nutters! Sea is still freezing

Not all trees survive the winter
This used to be the holiday resident for nuns
Our new prominent(read ugly!) culture center.


Spring has come to the outermost island too =)
Among all the grey granite, this little pink 'jewel' surrounded by quarts showed up

It probably sounds a bit crazy, but I can sit and watch like this for the longest time. Letting my mind and eyes just wander

sea gulls freaked out on us when we walked ashore this rocky island. They shouted at us that it was THEIR'S! THEIR'S!

On our way home and it's getting rather chilly, so I have both my jacket and hubby's. He was showing off in his Shorts and shirts. His male ego got a boost, but I hope he doesn't catch a cold :P

The light creates odd somewhat melancholic colors as the sun sets
I know it's a bit blurry, but see how the sunshine make bubbles look like fireflies or like gold specks?
The sunset was spectacular
Burning orb

Mandal  city just after sunset. As you can see daylight lasts long after sunset this time of year.
This first boat trip we decided not to bring Georg. Next trip you'll hopefully see a Sea Georg ;-)


  1. Yes! You should all plan a trip to visit me. You could all just stay up at the farm. That would be the perfect place for a bonfire summer party thang =D

    We'd take the boat and catch some crabs out in the archipelago the night before (proper crab-catching takes place from 11pm and it involves alcohol)

    We'd also set the fish nets up at Vintland to get some mountain trouts for the BBQ.