Friday, May 25, 2012

Holy mother of all cows!

 I went nuts and spent a truckload of money on clothes+++ Seriously, I've never spent so much money on a shopping trip in my life!

I had planned it. My mother in law was with me. Officially we were going to get new curtains and curtain rods for my living room. Turns out I had picked the perfect day for shopping as it was super sale in every store. I made an unbelievably good deal on the curtains. It cost me less than half of what I had thought it would cost me. It made me this happy. >>> 
I mean ridiculously happy and I just went crazy. I came home with an entire new wardrobe...

Now, I'm more like this, wondering when the shopping police will come and take it all back. With interest.

I am totally going to give Runar the air-brushed version of the result. I'll talk A LOT about the insanely good deal I made on the curtain and tell him about the super sale and half price on most summer clothes.

 I'm not going mention actual prices and I'm not going to utter a single word about total amounts. No Siree!

Shh, don't tell on me!

Anyways, tomorrow is FRIDAY and Simen is visiting Helene which means, aye, it's home-alone-weekend.

What about you? got any plans for the long weekend?


  1. WOOHOO!!! I love shopping! It's so much fun! Yay for the new clothes, and we'll just not talk about the $$$ right now. :)

  2. It was fun and it is great to feel pretty. I did one mistake, though, I tried on a few bikinis. Oy Vey! Big mistake. Those hold-in ones must be the biggest scam out there. A more correct name for those is let-it-hang-out-where-it-never-did-before <.<