Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer = vacation, or not?

Well. That wonderful home-alone-weekend didn't happen. Well, it happened, but it was a rather too much alone for it to be wonderful, as hubby had to work late Friday and then he had to work all day and half the evening Saturday and Sunday he was gone all day and half the night with his brother to pick up their new boat.  The late Saturday evening we did have together doesn't really count as all he could talk about was his job <_<

This promotion is not as great as it seemed to be a month ago. The former boss left without doing any of the stuff he was supposed to do. There are still nobody to take over hubby's former job, so he still has to do 2 full jobs - which you can imagine isn't really possible, so the stress added is enormous as he has to do a more than good job to keep a job. period. Turns out the former boss ran the department in the ditch. The books show bad numbers and that is after they've been 'tinkered with to look good -_-

One of his former colleges crashed his motor bike - again. Last summer when he crashed, he broke his foot and spent the entire summer at hospital. This summer it is a lot more serious. His back is broken(but he won't become lame),  his leg and his jaw. Thankfully they think he will be fine, but it will take a long time before he is back at work. That means they're now 2 men short and hubby's vacation has gone up in smoke. It shouldn't have, but seeing as his new boss-lady insisted on having hers, he apparently has to give up his. (No, I don't understand this, so don't ask)

Hubby being stressed, means he's freaking out money wise. We are on an even more No-spend policy than when we didn't have any money to spend. That he was the one insisting on getting a higher loan so that we could buy a more expensive car, is beside the point. That I went ahead and bought curtains and clothes for Simen and I, is a major point- even though he was the one insisting on me doing exactly this beforehand. (yeah, another example of hubby-logic I don't get) Well, I get that I spent a lot of money on non-important things as clothes and curtains, but still...probably just a need to vent. I can let it go.
I. Must. Be. Patient. And. Understanding.

Oh, and he also informed me that all the things needed to be done around the house and the farm are things that he won't have time to do this year after all. (These are things that have already been postponed to the limit. Take the barn, for instance. The barn needs to be treated for wood parasites or it'll fall down on our heads. Same goes for the attic in our cabin. These are things that can not wait another year. period!)

In reality, this promotion of his means no more money, a lot of more work for hubby and a lot of more work for me as I have to do all the things that absolutely HAS TO be done with the house and the farm - paint, repairs and maintenance. 
When discussing this with him, it was made totally clear that I am not allowed to call for his family to help me out with the things that are too heavy for me to do. I am not allowed to pay for it to get done by professionals. I am allowed to get Simen to help me, but he is only 16 and I am not allowed to do work that will give me inflammations(Read - will make him look bad to family and others for letting me do too much work that should have been done by him). This is such a silly joke, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But there you have it. The craziness must go on?


  1. (((hugs))) to you, too, if you have time to get one!

    1. Always got time for hugs =) thanks, Eileen1

  2. you are my supermom! and he's the beast. i can tell you that you dont use much money on cloths, and when you finally do you so deserve it! it's just his stress talking!

  3. I know, sweetie, I know it's his stress. Don't you dare worry! *huggles*

    This is just my frustration talking. And he'll probably get his vacation in August or September.