Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Psst, Inspiration, where are you?

There must be something seriously wrong with me. The walls are painted and the paint is dry, but all my stuff is still in boxes in a stack in the middle of the room. The furniture still have paper towels underneath their legs, because I haven't figured out where they ought to be.

If it wasn't for the book cases looking so lonely without books, I think I'd be able to live happily ever after with half my living room in boxes and no paintings on the walls. Well, I've got two of them up. They were easy and already had their appointed place.

The blinds are up and the new curtain rods, but I've only gotten up curtains for 3 of the windows. The store didn't have all the ones I needed in storage when I bought them at half price. Naturally I paid for them all, then as I didn't want to wait and pay full price for them a month later. According to the store they would get the rest of them by last week. I heard nothing from them last week.

 I heard nothing from them yesterday and I haven't heard anything today, either, but hey, the day isn't over, so I'm not going to go all pessimistic about that just yet. I'll start calling them and nagging about my curtains from tomorrow.

My SIL and her oldest daughter, is coming up Thursday to help me get it all in order if I haven't managed to get it done before then. She loves doing this type of things.

SIL: "What do you mean you haven't refurnished or gotten things in order? That is the F.U.N. part! I love to do that, I'll come and do it. I'll be happy to. Honestly. Please let me."

Me: "Good for you" (Silently) Out loud I swallowed, then said: "Really? How nice. Of course you can help, what about Thursday?" 

Why did I accept her help? Because I'm a whuss, that's why. And because she sounded so happy. I didn't have it in me to refuse...

I have to get most of it up and I definitely have to at least have an idea where I want the sofa group to be before Thursday. They'll turn my living room into someone else's living room if not. It'll be like living as a stranger in my own house.  I can clearly see it in my mind what will happen when I get up, not quite awake, bumping into pieces of furniture that I would swear wasn't there when I went to bed. 

Before you know it I'd be screaming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE at the top of my lungs, fighting imaginary foes and fairies with my kitchenware weapons of mass destruction and demanding that my family stop what their doing immediately to gather up at the farm for an end-of-the-world war-meeting.

Oy vey! I'm already hearing this song in my head


  1. Ha, you have the motivation Will and I have to finish projects around our house! Good luck!

  2. :P Runar decided that to get that broken toilette replaced, we had to fix new laminate flooring in the bathroom and outer hallway as well.

    That means I get to clear out and sort all of our coats, shoes, hats, scarves, etc.

    It's needed, but I had hoped to postpone it until after the summer.

    blargh :(

    It will look good when it's done. I'll be happy then