Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green thumbs?

I'm not particularly good with plants. Only the most desperate of plants choose to fight for life and survive the condition they must live under in my house. 

My conscience finally bled over and I decided to throw away those plants that were more dead than alive and save those that looked more prone to survive the shock of good care and still be alive 2 weeks after. 

One of my green plants; Truls, is one of them. I would have liked to say I wow to keep him until I die, but I can't. I'm part-time superstitious and I fear that once I say those words out loud, Truls will just suddenly keel over and die one dark and dreary night and I'll find him slumped over his pot the next morning,  leafy limbs spread out on the floor, spelling 

"W  H  Y?"

Anyway. Truls my green potted plant has seen a lot. Heard a lot too. In so many words, it has experienced the better part of my life. It's been with me since my 18th birthday. I got it from My BFF's older sister. It was quite an honor. We were half in awe and quite a bit scared of older sisters. In my hometown it was the custom to give gifts you need for when you're moving out to start living by yourself. I also got a 'ostehøvel' which basically means a cheese-cutter and it is still being used btw.  This one kitchen utensil, plus my plant, we are connected in a way that suddenly struck me as something rather close to profound.

The best parts of my life and at the same time, some of the most awful parts of my life, I've shared with these two; Truls, my green potted plant and Tor, the black cheese-cutter.

I found a bottle of red wine that I opened and then had to finish, because we all know once a bottle of red wine is opened, it has to be emptied. It's just one of those things that just is. Right?!? Cheers.

PS! What I said about being able to check emails from my cell. Won't happen. Egon(my cell) decided to no longer access internet. period.

Maybe because I forgot to pay the phone bill. Of all the bills I HAD to forget this one. It somehow got lost while I painted the living room. The one bill that, if not paid, leaves the whole family without internet and hubby without a work-phone (well, hubby was unable to make calls for 2 hours, he received calls as normal. And we were without internet for 1 day, because my phone company are jerks and I still don't have internet access on my cell, but that is likely due to Egon being an ego).  I am about as much loved as a poisonous snake right now.


  1. My phone internet disappeared when I casually mentioned to the phone rep that I could check my e-mail by phone. He said that I wasn't supposed to be able to do that without paying for a data plan, so I lost that ability. :(

    I can still get text from Facebook, because they have a work-around. I can post short messages there.

    1. Ugh, too bad you said anything. It was just Egon being ego. When I took the batteries out and started it again, internet worked fine.

      I think I have a bad influence on cellphones in general...