Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have hearing dyslexia

I just responded to my son's cussing in a rather bizarre way. Again

First time:

Simen: FAEN! = FUCK!

Me: Ja'a? = Ye'es?

I just somehow translated 'fuck' to 'mom'.

Second time:

Simen: Satan!

Me: G'natt = G'nite

Yeah. I can't even begin to explain this. I have no idea how I could hear it that wrong. It's like I have hearing dyslexia. My son walks into a wall and cusses. I believe he is hitting the wall to get my attention and then calling up: 'mom', or calling up: 'G'nite'. son has a bad habit of walking into door frames, now that I think about it.

In my defense, I have been yelled at by the kids for not paying attention to them when surfing the net, so now I answer whenever I hear them. Not because I'm actually paying attention. I've just programmed my brain to spew out nonsense whenever I hear they're voices. Because obviously I don't listen. ...I would make a terrible defense lawyer.

I called my nephew Georg today. His mother heard it. Ye gods! 


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  2. When that happens to me, I just tell people that I suffer from hearing loss from playing drums in a band...

  3. My mom claims I have selective hearing. Ash agrees with her, after putting up with me for so many years now.

  4. hehe I'll keep that in mind, Eileen =)

    Jason, I bet you do. I also think that selective hearing is a big plus in any marriage :P