Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am...

Take care and have fun, y'all.


Still on vacation, just not sure where I'm vacationing at. Hubby's got 3 days off work and the poor guy isn't able to handle all that amount of freedom. It's gone straight to his head. He's been drinking coffee non-stop with his brother for 3 hours now and their plans are becoming more and more crazy.

One of these plans, is to finally get me an outdoor water hose. Yes, we did use to have one until hubby fixed the downstairs bathroom and FORGOT to put the pipes for the outdoor tap back in place and since that (oh, only 8 years ago) I've been carrying buckets from the shower to water my plants/garden, or I'd hook the garden hose to the washing machine, but then I'd be without a washing machine and we'd be without clean clothes and I'd be all; "Thank your father, kids, he doesn't believe in clean clothes" and he'd hear this and scream in reply; "I do so believe in clean clothes, I just don't believe in gardens." and we'd be back to our good ole discussion about the point of having gardens if they're not completely maintenance free and he'll offer to just cement the entire thing and I'd point out that if we had a concrete garden he'd still need to hose it off on a regular basis and then I make sure to point out that I'm still all win and he should just do as I ask without complaints, because it would be so much easier on everybody's part and also because we'd have clean clothes...

I've heard them talk about giving me two sets of  garden hoses - the kind that automatically rolls back up the hose - one on each side of the house.

I don't know whether to be giddily excited or hiding under my covers in panic. These bouts of caffeine induced energy have a scary tendency to last just long enough to not finish whatever project he's working on. I could end up with two sets of garden hoses that looks pretty damn good, but doesn't work - if I am lucky...

anyways, I've been making weird odd little blog posts up on farm, that hasn't been posted, because i have a crappy cellphone and the cell phone reception up there is too lousy for me to remain online long enough for anything to get posted.

 I  was thinking I might just keep writing them and then post them in one "Vacation report" type of post when I get back. Would you be interested in reading such a one?