Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn hiking

It's fall and the weekend is coming up. Hope you guys get to enjoy some awesome autumn colours

This is from earlier this summer. Enjoying a snack and a cup of coffee on top of a nearby mountain top locally called 'Kua' (The cow) I don't know where the name came from, but the slightly smaller mountaintop next to this one, is called 'Kalven' (The calf) The Mandalites like silly names, I guess :P

Marianne and Lotta on the left. Georg and I on the right. The black doodle belongs to Eva who refused to be photographed
Georg and I are going hiking with Marianne and Lotta tomorrow. Fun! I doubt the weather will allow us to enjoy coffee and snacks, seeing as the autumn rain storms have set in, but I know we'll be having a good time regardless of weather.

Next weekend we'll be moose hunting. I'll bring the camera along and if they don't come out crap, I'll share

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