Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's not okay!

Narcissistic old pigs are still narcissistic old pigs no matter what title you put on their heads, even if it is the prominent title of  mayor.

These days there's a court case going on up here where a prominent politician, a regional mayor stands accused of having sexual relations with a young girl from she was 13. They met in her mother's wedding as he was her stepfather's Best Man. They met randomly at a town marked a year afterwards and exchanged phone numbers. Same evening she received a text from him where he asked her to be his 'consultant'. She felt proud and honored and accepted. Then followed years of close relations where she worked and traveled with him all around the country.

Immediately alarm clocks are ringing in my head. Consultant?!? She was 13 at the time. He was in his late 40s. WTF?!?

Among the things that can be documented are text messages - up to 50 messages per day - WTF?!?, sharing of hotel room AND bed on several of their trips together. WTF?!? He admits to this as well, but claims he did not have sex with her. WTF?!?

In the media she's already been judged a liar and a fortune seeker. My heart bleeds for this (now) 16 year old girl. A female journalist and blogger follows the case and writes on her blog that the parts that were truly painful to hear during her explanations, wasn't the flat monotonous almost technical description of their sexual relations, but in hearing about the mayor's wild jealous reaction to her contact with boys her own age, in the realization that an adult man deprived a young teenage girl from living a normal teenage life, socializing, flirting and exploring life with her peers. In the realization that this young girl believed she had to do whatever he told her to, because it was her job.

I couldn't agree more. This poor young girl has been abused in so many ways it's sickening.

Should this prominent politician walk free from the allegations of child-abuse and rape- and it's my honest opinion that if he does, it's because our legal system is flawed and history repeats itself as so often happens when publicly profiled and highly prominent politicians are put on trial for misusing their power and status - he is still very much guilty. He prevented a young girl from having a normal life. He prevented a young girl from socializing with people her own age. He corrupted a young female's mind into thinking that every whim of an older man should be satisfied.

She said in court that the first time they had sex was when she was 13, while she was with him and his wife at their cottage, while his wife was at the store. He denies this, but police research shows that his wife used her credit card at a local grocery store at that specific time...

It makes me physically sick to my stomach.

Stories about this mayor and of all the good things he's done for the local community are filling every newspaper up here. I don't care, I hope he burns. Should the court decide that there are not enough evidence of  rape for him to be convicted, he is still guilty of abuse in my opinion. Sharing beds with a minor who works for you is never alright. Manipulating a minor into believing they have to follow your every wish is not okay. Forcing a minor into traveling alone with you is not acceptable. Reacting with dragging their reputation into the mud and accusing them of lying when they finally muster the guts to say 'no' and notifying the authorities of these atrocities is nothing but outrageous. 

The heartbreakingly sad truth is that this is not a special case scenario. These things happen way to often. No, it is not okay!

Sometimes the world we live in just sux!

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