Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheer up!

Heading up to the farm for the second round of moose hunting. We've got 3 on this year's quota, one adult bull and two young ones (below 150 kg) We got a young bull last weekend. Here's to hoping we manage the two left, this weekend *cheers*

Georg and I won't be taking part in the chase this time. He's a bit under the weather these days. He's got worms. Poor boy. I've got him on meds, but he'll need to take it easy for a few days.

Georg, Hildegunn and I. We use vests to avoid being mistaken for a moose...
Actually he won't be coming along on any more moose hunts, periods. Last weekend's chase with Georg was such an epic fail it became funny. I forgot one important thing that makes an ordinary hike in the woods very different from a moose chase. Time. Okay, two things; time and route. In a moose chase you've got your route pointed out for you and you have to follow that come steep mountains, creeks, or FENCES. Georg don't jump fences, I knew that. Apparently he doesn't crawl underneath them either. It took two of my sisters and me to pull and push him through the hole in the fence. Thankfully my sisters were walking next to us and I was able to call them over for help.

The fence-adventure was at the start of the chase. In Georg's mind that set the tone for the entire chase. This was scary. What does Georg do when things looks scary? Oh, he instantly becomes the biggest wuzz ever. The dude CRAWLED down every semi-steep hill. He whimpered and cried for EVERY tiny little creek he had to cross. He suddenly became unable to walk faster than at crawl-speed. etcetera and so on.

The others were already eating hotdogs and drinking hot chocolate.
Needless to say we got behind. Naturally I lead us(my sisters and I) astray. Funny how those things go - when things start to go downhill, it escalates into complete chaos. I wouldn't feel so bad if I had been in the middle of the woods, didn't recognize where we was in the crazy storm that we had last weekend minimizing vision to a minimum, but I didn't do that. No, I picked the wrong forest ROAD. I kid you not. I can't logically explain how I did that. I was tired, I didn't really look up from the ground, being too busy finding an easy route between trees and shrubbery. There was a road, easy to walk on and screw the entire moose hunt I wanted to walk on a road. We were already behind, the chase would be over, I knew that. The rest of the team would be gathering at the bonfire spot, drinking coffee and making fun of everyone being late.

The young man in a red knitted hat, making a face, is our rescuer
When I finally looked up to get my bearings, it was too late. We were in the correct area, but there was a marsh and a lake between us and the place I was certain was the bonfire spot. (I was right about that, btw) I had no clue as how to get to the right side of the lake the quickest route. My sisters had lost all faith in me and refused to take my words for granted at this stage. We argued. Loudly. One of the other team memgers, a young man who'd been sent out to look for us, heard us and rescued() us :P

Our neighbour farm lady is comforting Georg. He's telling her about how unfair life is...or perhaps begging for hotdogs
I will never be allowed to forget, ever.  But, pfft, who cares. That's the beauty of our way of hunting. Someone always messes up and we always have something to laugh at, no matter the weather or how many moose we get.

Have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. ...and yes, Georg is wearing a children's vest. Sideways. I go by the mantra; nothing is possible as long as you have a funky solution.

  2. We have a dog now... Emily has been depressed for 2 years, and without a canine companion. (We had to leave behind her best friend.) Today, we got a dog.

    1. Aww poor Emily. Dogs make good friends. I hope she feels better soon *hugs to Agent Em*

  3. Awww! i want to come to mom! :D i really miss that part of the moose hunt. getting lost! and haha, poor georg!