Friday, October 26, 2012

Whoha, where did that week go?!?

Things have been busy. Busy is good, right?

I've finished the hat and will probably finish the ears and get the Yoda hat completely finished by the end of the weekend. I just couldn't help myself. I was too curious to see if I could do it and also, Helene deserves to get her hat sooner rather than later. I am so proud of that girl! She's faced all sorts of challenges and she's still riding on top. She's done so well in her new job, the manager is now training her to be a 'key-person' meaning she'll be in charge of opening and closing the grocery store she's working at. This means more responsibility and a raise. Yay! The manager has also told her that he'll arrange it so that she'll be able to come home for Christmas. Double Yay!!

I've sent Scott's socks, they ought to arrive some time during next week. I'll need about a week to finish Jason's and Emily's and I'll get them sent off within two weeks, if things go as planned.

We're heading for the farm without Georg this weekend. It'll be a bit strange going up there with no dogs, but Georg has another job this weekend; to meet and charm Simen's new girlfriend =) According to him Georg is a babe-magnet 3000 :P

Georg - the babe-magnet 3000

Simen helped me get rid of the huge totally useless TV bench/shelf and the old fashion humongous TV from our bedroom, yesterday. What a job! He then assembled the new bedside tables. We have a bedroom that actually look like a bedroom now *beams* Simen did a fabulous job. Man, that boy can work! I have no idea what I've done to deserve such wonderful kids. All I know is that I am very grateful and I love them to pieces.

Last weekend Georg collapsed. It terrified me silly. Remember in a previous post I said that Georg's career as a moose chaser was over? Well, Runar and Simen didn't quite believe me, so they decided that Simen was going to take him along on the first chase. It was cold and raining, he strained himself too much, perhaps. He was resting outside, when I called for him to come inside, he wasn't able to get up. That is, he got half way up and collapsed, than wobbled and swayed and either couldn't find his balance, or couldn't get his hind legs to work. I thought he was about to keel over and die on me. I had no idea what to do, but knew that I had to stay calm and not frighten Georg into a panic worsening his condition - whatever it was. I took his collar and half led/half supported him in a big circle until he was able to manage on his own and he was able to get up the steps and indoor. I let him rest near the electric radiator in the kitchen and  - since I had the house full of family and relatives, told them to leave him be for a couple of hours. He's been fine since. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm guessing a pinched nerve could have caused it. Either way, the boys are in complete agreement with me, Georg will not be forced to take part in any moose hunts ever again!
Nobody gives hugs like Georg

Hope you guys have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. oh goodness im in love with Georg.

  2. ^__^yeah, I think he has some special kind of magic that just makes us HAVE to fall in love with him