Thursday, November 29, 2012


As mentioned in previous post, we're watching Vera this week. Sweet mercy, the energy level of a healthy pup. Georg is easy like a Sunday morning compared to her, regardless of drooling and a lot of fur to care for and groom.

What?!? I have to let Georg rest after dinner for a whole hour? Booooring!!!
She was as hyper as expected on Tuesday. She's been allowed to do pretty much as she likes. She's never been corrected for her hyper over excitement - result; she pees. Not much but, still... Thankfully she is a very bright and quick-learned pup, so the drain-leakage was easy to take care of. What is a lot harder to fix, is the fact that even though she obeys when you give her a command, she thinks it is only valid for as long as you look at her. The second you turn away, she's off to whatever she was doing before.

 I was up twice that night to take her outside and a couple or 4 of more times just to quiet her down and stop her from pestering Georg. I think I got 2 hours' of sleep. One of them had puked on the floor when we got up in the morning and Vera had found and chewed up on of the cones I'd collected for Saturday's Christmas work shop, otherwise things went well enough.

Georg's comforter is much better than my bed.
Yesterday she tested EVERY friggin' limit and boundaries there are and then some. I had an hour's walk with them and it nearly killed me. She hasn't been taught how to walk in a leash without pulling. Now she does know, but good gravy and sweet potatoes! She pulled enough to trigger the inflammation in my shoulders and sky-rocketed my fever to new heights, before she succumbed. Uunless Thomas and Charlotte keep it up, it won't last. The night went better. I think she was too worn out to do any pranks. She'd been on the sofas as all the pillows and the blankets were on the floor, but that was it.

Today has been all roses and daisies. She's accepted who's pack leader and  where her place in the pack is. Things run much more smoothly. She's calmed down several notches and she's more harmoniously happy instead of all-over-the-place-crazy-happy. Huzzah! We've just been outside playing for an hour and they're both resting peacefully.

I will have a serious talk with Charlotte and Thomas next week, though. Unless they start working on teaching her rules and boundaries now before the baby is due, they'll be in a lot of trouble. She's too big to 'roam free'. She'll be capable of seriously injuring the baby if she is allowed to continue believing she's the Queen of the house =/

Later today I'm heading to my oldest sister's house. All 5 of us will get together baking cookies, making Christmas deco'es and just having girly fun. I'll be spending one night there, I don't know how long the others are staying. Some will come today, some tomorrow. We haven't all been together alone like this for decades. =) Simen will be in charge of the dogs while I'm gone. He's very good with dogs, so I'm not worried. He's got that calm assertiveness that the Dog Whisperer talks about on his shows that comes quite naturally to him. Besides, if things should go all wrong, he'll call me. I'm only 45 minutes away...

Friday I have to attend a funeral. One of my close childhood friends lost her dad this weekend. It's so sad as he was only in his 60s and a wonderful man and dad. It will be heartbreaking. He's leaving behind a wife, 5 daughters and several grand children =(
Have a fab weekend!

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