Monday, January 14, 2013

The flu hath arrived

Poor hubby is a wreck. The rest of the house is awaiting each one's turn. Huzzah...NOT!

I'll be a nurse this week. Good thing I've already stacked up on these...
...and paracetamol to keep fever in check.

Georg's got a cold bug, or his sinuses are just acting up, so he's on meds too.
Oooh, booger it all!


  1. Oh noes! I hope it doesn't last long. We've gotten lucky, so far, and missed the bug while everyone around us has had it. Get well!

  2. We've been lucky so far, too, but...

    I don't think he's got the swine flu that is also happening up here. I'm still crossing fingers I won't get sick. So far, Runar is the only one down with the bug.