Saturday, January 19, 2013

The season for missing things

I find this time of year, in the middle of winter for me, to be a time of missing. I miss a lot of things, this time of year. I miss the scent, after a rain shower in the summer. I miss the sounds of critters, birds - well, scratch that last one, I've got plenty of bird chipping, just different birds - I miss the waves. I mean, there are still waves, but they feel more quiet, because I only go down to the sea in exceptionally nice winter-weather. In bad weather the waves have only one thought and that is to kill you. Kill you dead! You just don't want to be anywhere near the sea. Hearing it from afar, is plenty close enough. (I am so not cut out to be a fisherman. I have no idea how they manage to go out there) I miss the warmth and most of all, I miss the energy.

I must be wired that way. It feels like I'm using more than half my energy on keeping warm. I try to walk Georg while the sun is still up. Temps are warmer during the days, even if it isn't a clear day. I need light and warmth to recharge. The clear sunny days are few and far between and when they're there, they're usually very cold. Everything is just such a bloody chore! *Sigh*

Nothing much happened this week. Hubby is over the flu bug. When he finally gave in last weekend and stayed in bed for a few days, he started getting better and was back at work, Wednesday. I hardly talked to him, because he collapsed to bed soon after he came home from work, but he was back to his old self, yesterday. It's been an exciting week for him. Very secret. Can't talk about it yet.

My younger sister got herself a dog this week. A 7 years old Dalmatian boy, Jesper. He looks cute. I'll be meeting him, next week. I hope Georg and Jesper get along. That would have been great. I think he misses a big friend he can wrestle with, like he did with Lotta. She's doing great, btw, according to the breeders. We met a mixed Norwegian Buhund and Rotweiler boy a year older than Georg, the other day. Georg was waaay impressed by him. He followed him around and they played "Run-and-catch me" on the football field. He was so happy, he did his silly puppy crawl-jump-running thing. Spikey's owner was completely charmed by Georg and drowned him in hugs. Georg cried when we parted with them. I've been dripping his ears and he's completely over his whiney and afraid of everything phase. His self esteem is on the rise. Yesterday evening he wasn't asking for attention, he was demanding it. He's back to his gorgeous Georg self. We loffs him so much and we'll keep feeding his ego until he crawls up on the sofa, or something. He absolutely loves the snow. And he eats snow. He eats snow with a vengeance. It is ridiculously funny to watch. I'll try to video it for yahs.

I went grocery shopping with mom, yesterday. It was nice. She's looking and appearing a lot better. Getting out of the house to get to her exercise group at the Service Center has done wonders. She isn't acting like she's near death, anymore. Yay! It hurts to see dad not doing so well. His lung capacity is bad. He's exhausted most of the time and suffers headaches and dizziness due to lack of oxygen.   He caught a cold bug during the holidays and hasn't gotten over it yet.

I've got a new grand niece. Sigrid Emilie was born January 14th and weighed 4kg(I don't know  how tall she was). She looks soo cute and she resembles her big brother and father. Can't wait to meet her!

Was at a funeral, yesterday as well. Dad's cousin. My older sister and I went. She's BFF with my second cousin. Funerals are tough. I realize I'm at that age, now, where I need to get used to them, but I just can't. Margit was a wonderful and kind woman. She was badly stricken with Alzheimer's these last years, unable to communicate, except from her smiles. She smiled till the end. She will be greatly missed. 

I've knitted a pair of socks to Thomas and Helene. I'll be knitting a pair to a guy going through chemo treatment, next. I'm also knitting on Simen's Epic-fail yoda hat. On the list of what to knit next, is pairs of socks to family members and Helene's bf, a jumper for Helene, a jumper for Runar, a Jumper for me and a yoda green large-meshed scarf to go with the other Epic-fail yoda hat I knitted. I felted it. I'm going to use it as an ordinary hat without yoda ears. Even though it fails horrendously as a yoda hat, it is cool-looking enough just as it is. with a scarf to go with it, it'll be the perfect accessories to go with my new coat.

Update:  My Mother in law saw my felted epic fail yoda hat and loved it. She ordered one for herself as well. Made my day! Simen's yoda hat is finished (will post pictures later)

New load of yarn bought. Let the knitting commence!


  1. Sounds like you're having a normal winter then?

    It's been a while sense I've had to go to a funeral. I've been to so many I'm almost numb to them now. It's just become a thing you do, then you go home and do other stuffs. I'm so going to plan a loud and rowdy party for my funeral and I'm going to mandate it in my Will so it has to be done. LOL

    LOVING the socks. So warm and comfy. Thank you!

  2. =) yeah, pretty much same ole, same ole. Actually we've had colder and more snowy winters the past 4 years, or so. Not that it is unusual, these things go in circles.

    Yes, I assume I'll become somewhat numbed to them in time, as well.
    It's a smart idea. We've talked about doing just that, Runar and I.

    I want to be cremated and buried/spread up at the farm, under a tree. That way there are no tombstone needed to be tended +++, but there is still a place they can go and 'talk' with me. I've chosen a song too, both kids and hubby knows which :P

    I dig the idea of a loud and rowdy party!

    ^__^ Thank you. So glad you like them, even though they're just socks, it's nice to know they are being used.