Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cousin Jesper

Whee! I iz happy dog!
First night went well. Jesper slept all night and woke me at 8:30 with a couple of barks, letting me know he needed to go out.

I found something interesting; shrubbery!
After breakfast and a little breakfast nap, the boys took Georg with them up to the mountain farm to work in the woods, while Jasper and I stayed home.

We had to keep the dogs separated last evening. Georg is very intrigued by Jesper, but seems confused about his gender. Georg is a young boy who wants to play non-stop, while Jesper is an old man (he's 7) who prefers to nap while indoors. 

We went hiking on one of the dirt roads through the woods, down to the sea. it's minus 11 C and sunny. Jesper has had no training in leash walking, so I had to pick the shortest route to the woods where I could just let him off leash, or I'd have lost both of my arms. He reacts to my calls well and it was no problem letting him roam free.

" When all the ponds are frozen, I eat snow. Here, let me show you: "

I've still got a fever and the whole world started swirling and becoming blurry on the way back home. It's nap-time. Jesper is sprawled on Georg's blanket. I'll be sprawled on the couch in a couple of minutes. Bliss!

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