Friday, February 8, 2013

Five very good friends with short necks

I had to re-learn how to crochet again too.
I've knitted a tube scarf. I found a free pattern online that I thought was cool and easy enough that even a novice knitter, like me, could handle. I had some alpaca yarn that was oh-so-soft, which I hoped would work for this. I forgot to take into account that it wasn't as thick as the yarn used in the pattern. Result is that I've made a tube scarf wide enough for 5 necks. Short necks. So I've made the perfect scarf for 5 very good friends with very short necks. I wouldn't recommend you wear it if you're going to town to pick up guys. That could get awkward. Unless you're into kinky...oy vey, I don't even want to go there. Until I find those five friends, I'll be twirling it around my own neck about 3-4 times and enjoy the softness of it, regardless of how silly it may look :P

Inflammation is still wreaking havoc with my body. I had to cancel going to my grand niece's naming day ceremony. Sad, but necessary. A 10 hours' car trip in one day doesn't abide well with bad arthritis and inflammation.


We'll be looking after Jesper, my sister's Dalmatian this weekend.  I'll try to remember to take pictures and videos. It will be the first time she goes away from him, since she got him. She is ridden with homesickness even days before she's leaving. He'll have his cage that he's used as a bed from when he was a pup. I'm not worried. When evening comes and it's time to settle in, he'll have his familiar bed and blanket.


I hope Georg and Jesper get to know each other well and become good friends. Georg misses Lotta, I think. Marianne has got her new Cocker Spaniel girl now, Noori. This week they came up to play. Georg is gentle as ever with the little pups. She is a fearless little lady, who jumped up on his nose with her tiny paws and yapped enthusiastically at him. He immediately fell in love, I think. We'll get to play with them again next week. Cant wait till the snow goes away and we can go hiking in the woods again. I miss that so much.

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