Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh, hai!


This isn't the post that should be here...

...but the one that got posted instead. 

The nuisance of magpies continues. I think there must be a pretty strict pecking order within the magpie society. I believe I've got the nazi fraction patrolling my garden. I've tried putting out sun seeds for the little birds since the snow came. The tray is still full of the seeds and otherwise empty of birds except from the occasional magpie. Checking if there is anything other than sun seeds being served.

There must be at least a hundred sparrows inhabiting my hedge. I don't always see them, but I do hear them. At least a hundred. They very rarely dare visit my veranda. Not because of Georg, but because of the Gestapo-magpies. I usually end up throwing the seeds in the hedge.
I zee everythink you duu!

 I've hung up one of them coconuts filled with fats; nuts, etc for the Blue- and Great tits, but they don't dare get near it. The magpie-Gestapo officers keep trying to eat from it, but it is a very slow process. On second thought. It's probably the ones at the bottom of the pecking order, the small-bird-infiltrators and sparrow-spies, that are trying so hard to pretend to be little birds. It's the only conclusion. Why else would an arrogant magpie want to ridicule himself enough to be clawing on to a coconut for dear life, while trying to magic his beak smaller by sheer force of will? (Oh, the magpies around here are not starving. I have never seen them kill and eat the sparrows, only harass and terrorize them.)

This is why, this morning, I experienced immense joy, when I observed how Georg's days of sharing his foodz with the far right fascist wings of the neighbourhood are over. 

This morning, while eating his breakfast, he spotted the oh-so-descrete-NOT magpies pretending not to be there - eye-balling his food, daring it to flobber out of the bowl and slither across the lawn to them – and he said a rough, short, somewhat choked "WHOOF!". Letting them know he wasn't sharing. 

And then he ate it all. Not only his breakfast, but the bits I had dumped on the ground, from last night's dinner, as well. He basically vacuumed the ground. Looking up at the magpies with a doggy grin, every once in a while.

My Georg is no longer a pushover for the magpies. I am so proud of him! 

PS! I have some photos and stuff from the winterbreak week, but it's one of those tricky posts that are becoming suspiciously close to being a burdle (Yes, this is a word, here !). I will get it finished. One of these days. Promise.

                                Hey, what can I say?