Friday, May 24, 2013

Flood season

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In South Eastern Norway things are crazy due to floods. Luckily nobody has lost their lives, yet, but the evacuations have been near calls a lot of times and there are some scary story of people loosing their homes every day in the news up here.

My family and I are all fine, as the floods are happening in another part of the country. I am very relieved that none of my close ones are affected, at the same time that I feel guilty for being relieved as so many people were affected. Some towns are more or less gone. They say it's the worst flood in more than 50 years.

Sorry for not having blogged. I've been too busy and it seems I'll remain busy a while more.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. Flooding here, too. What's up with that? Maybe you saw my other posts. In 36 hours, we had 8.75 inches of rain, which is 222.25 centimeters. Once again, I find myself living on high ground and endured inconvenience rather than disaster.

  2. Wow! That is a lot. I'm glad you're all alright, too

  3. This is not to lessen the tragety that these people are going through. I can only hope that no lives are lost.

    That being said, I've never understood why somebody would willingly choose to live in a place where natural disasters are guaranteed to happen.

  4. You know, I totally agree and this has been debated a lot up here. The owners of the houses/properties that were destroyed in the floods state that the government gave them guaranties that measures had been taken to avoid floods wreaking such havoc after the major floods in 2011. Some insurance companies now refuse to insure houses/properties in such areas. I hope the authorities denies some of the houses to be rebuilt in the areas that are most at risk.

    Of course, the floods in 2011 and this year are said to be worse than any seen in the last 50 years...