Friday, May 31, 2013

Road trip and short update

Ellen and I started early as it was raining cats and dogs and we wanted to stop by Gjestal yarn factory's store for yarn at discount prices Gjestal cafe/store/factory Got a bunch of 100% wool yarn to knit slippers for felting. In a bout of impulsiveness I also bought yarn and recipe for a crouched summer-hat for myself. Should be interesting. Will post pictures when it's done.
At The Munk, a pub for the young to get blasted. Not my kind of place, but we smile...and smile

Stavanger isn't a VERY big city, but parking and particular long term parking is a major problem. I'm not a fan of big city driving. Our 4W drive volvo is not a good car to maneuver in small narrow parking lots and houses. After we'd driven around the area where the hotel is located for almost an hour I was getting close to a panic attack. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was now 4 30 pm. We were hungry, antsy and tired, so we ended up parking the car down by the harbour in a parking house that is expensive, but you can be relatively sure the car is there in one piece the next day.

The hotel was standard. Small rooms, but nice and clean. Comfty beds, which is important for us two fibro/arthritis peeps.

Helene and her Runar
We met up with Helene and her bf and ate dinner at her favorite Tai restaurant. Y.U.M. Afterwards we took our coffee at another favorite cafe of hers "Bøker & Børst" (Books and booze). This would have been my favorite if I lived in Stavanger, fer sure. It's a cafe with book cases full of second hand books that you can read while visiting. All kinds of weird books, new() and old. The furniture is old and painted in a multitude of happy colours. My kind of place.

This tea had been buried underground for 1 year. It tasted like it too...

We also visited a newly opened tea-house, which was a lot of fun. Owner was a turk who'd lived in London for years and married to a Finnish lady. As most turkish salesmen, he was flirting like crazy, to the point where Helene exclaimed: "Hey, that's my mom you're talking to, mister!" F.U.N.

Ellen explaining something to me. 

Saturday we did our shopping and I helped out one of our homeless peeps and got drowned in liquor-stinking luuuub and gratitude again and again as I somehow kept bumping into this guy all over  and if we hadn't left for home early, I'd probably be knighted and renamed a saint or something.

The rest of the days have been busy, but relatively drama free. My sister injured her knee and I had to rush her to hospital. She very narrowly avoided an operation, but will have to wear this contraption thingie that makes her look like a semi terminator. Since it's my oldest sister, any teasing and joking about it is accepted with resentment and promise of vengeance. She has no sense of humour :P

Anywho, it's FRIDAAAAY!!! I'm heading up to the farm for the weekend. Huzzah!

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