Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Public versus private blogs

I've been contemplating making my blog private. There are things I want to blog about, but can't as long as it is public. I really like the idea of a public blog that anyone can read and comment on, even with all the spam I have to clean up. So far, blogger seems to throw most spam comments in the spam-folder and you guys don't get bothered by them. I haven't been bothered by internet trolls, either. Perhaps they recognize me as one and thus leave me alone :P My question is, should I just make this blog private, or should I create a new private blog for stuff I feel a need to get out of my system, that can't be shared with the whole world? What do you guys think? What are your experience with your private blogs?

I'm struggling to keep up with regular blogging. Apologies. Things/people keep turning up in addition to me trying to catch up with all the things I haven't been able to do due to my right arm/shoulder not working. I have to hand it to my doctor. That lady knows her business. That cortisone shot she gave me, was spot on and I am now able to actually work without ending up a fevered wreck afterward. There are stuff going on that I can't discuss publicly, that is another big reason for the lack of blog posts.

I was granted with a few hours of extra time today, because the vet appointment for Vera was postponed a week as the vet was down with a bad cold. I guess I forgot to tell you that I have gotten a new niece. A beautiful little princess called Frida. She was tiny – only 2.7kg and 45 cm long, but is healthy and amazingly calm and quiet. Thomas is back at work and I'm helping them with all the things that is impossibly difficult to handle for a first time mother with a newborn baby.

We're having major thunderstorms and I've pulled out plugs on everything electronic – including internet. I'm only plugged in long enough to get this posted. (which is why I'm not logged on to facebook chat, Sue, sorry)


  1. I enjoy being able to be much more candid with the brain vomit, now taht my blog is private.

  2. Yeah, I miss being able to vomit my brains out. I also miss asking advice regarding how to approach certain issues and I miss not having to fear who might read what about whom, etc