Friday, June 14, 2013

chrocheted summer-hat

I'm crocheting a summer-hat for myself. I need to wear something on my head in summer to protect my scalp from the sun. Due to my psoriasis and the remedy I use for it, my skin on my scalp is waaay thin and sensitive. I've been told that if I do not keep my scalp protected properly against the sun, I'll develop skin cancer in no time. I've tried for years to find a pretty summer-hat that isn't too big and I still haven't found any. Seems I've either got a particularly small head, or hats are generally made for huge-headed women...

Result is that I've had to choose between summer-hats for young girls, scarves of some kind, or caps.

This year I figured I may as well make my own summer-hat.

It will look something like this, just a bit cuter and with a flower on the side. The recipe is for a yellow one, but I'm going to go with a white one, because yellow isn't exactly my colour.

The flower I'm chrocheting is similar to this one, but will be white as the hat

It will have wavy ends, but not with holes like the pink baby hat.

Feel free to cross fingers it'll turn out okay ;-)

Will be starting on it today. I still have the poncho project and I also have a new secret knitting project I can't talk about just yet. The baby socks and the felted slippers for my sister are all done.

I am sooo ready for weekend. It feels like my body was used as a sandbag first and then thrown in a threshing machine. I'm pooped and then some. I've been with my mom to doctors and hospitals check ups. Taken my dad to a surgical dentist. Done their shopping. Been to the vet with Vera for X-rays, which means general anaesthesia, which means I had to carry her.  in addition there is all the work for our house, incl. yard work, clearing out shed, laundry and cleaning in between.  I still have trouble saying no to helping others when there apparently isn't anybody else to ask...

Also, I wish all needy peeps and hubbies in particular could go take a hike /end rant

My goal for the weekend is to be like Georg; not moving a muscle!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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  2. Sue says: Don't you wish for someone to wait on you for a change? An angel such as yourself, maybe that day will come sooner than you think. ;) I hope so. You deserve it.