Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marianne the pup - pictures

This is me; Marianne. I'm cute as can be and my teeth bug me. I just HAVE to chew. On anything and everything.

 Sometimes Mother-Eli gets mad. I just look at her all innocent and say "Who, me?!? I didn't chew nothing!"

They built this stuff so that I won't hurt myself jumping down the steps. I have no trouble with it, but Georg needed some time to figure it out. He's weird that way...

Georg is my bestest friend. He NEVER yells at me, even though I chew and bite nonstop. He loves me forever!

The first week I spent up at Vintland.  Yesterday we moved home to Mandal. Father-Runar and Brother-Simen put up a fence. Boring! Now, I can't get out at all. There is a lot I need to learn and just as much I have to discover.

Like ants! ANTS! Eeeww!

Waiting is difficult. I have to let Georg eat his food without disturbing him, Mother-Eli said so. Boooring!

Got to go, got much more stuff to learn and I need to find something new to chew on. Laterz


  1. Sue says... 'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!' ... Thanks for sharing, Eli. I so want to cuddle them both!

  2. Yeah, that is what we do these days, we cuddle them to death...when I'm not yelling at Marianne to be kind with Georg...or to stop eating my flowers, or dig up the flowerbeds, or chew on chords....oy vey!

    It is a lot of fun. Georg has accepted and adopted her. Today he barked loudly when Nori gave her in for stealing her stick. Marianne gave a tiny yelp and that was enough. Georg was there beside her and barked to make them stop immediately. Too cute! He never gets physical, but he doesn't need to. The two little ones stopped right away and decided to just sit and behave quietly for a bit ;-)

  3. You should go around with a camera, and film everything that happends, and i want to seeee! Cant wait intill i get home and can give her a hug myself!

  4. ^__^ I'll get a video uploaded one of these days with her and Georg playing.

  5. ZOMG!!!! She is perfect! I loves her.

  6. We loves her silly too. To the point where my brain forgets. I forgot to put the chair cushions back in the box AND I even let the lid to the box open. All night. Rain shower happened this night. *facepalm*

  7. She's adorable. :) I don't think I could survive a puppy.

  8. OMG, she is just tooo cute! I'd be letting her chew through everything, how can you tell off something with such an adorable face! :)

  9. I can't always. I do show her the index finger and say "NO!" when she terrorizes poor Georg. She's a feisty one, alright, she'll jump up and growl while biting the air, as if she was able to reach up and bite off my finger. Her eyes gleam ornery as heck. We'll halve our hands full with this one, I just know it.