Friday, July 19, 2013


on our way to pick up Marianne. Soo excited^_^

Having the entire family for barbeque party on Sunday. cross fingers all goes well.


  1. Sue says: Whee....that two weeks went quick :)

    Please give Marianne a 'welcome home' kiss and cuddle for me. Gotta <3 that puppy, and Geog, of course. ^^

    Enjoy the BBQ. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it goes well, and the weather is dry, sunny and warm.

  2. The 6hour car ride went very well. she must have tried out all thinkable and unthinkable ways to sleep in my lap. she settled surprisingly well the first night. georg is his usual gentle prince and let's her do whatever she wants... she'll be spoiled rotten

  3. Right here, right now! ;)