Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I gave in. We've ordered a St Bernard puppy. We'll pick her up in a couple of weeks.

We haven't quite decided on a name for this little lady, yet.

Some of the names we've agreed we like are Gorine and Mette, or Mona

Feel free to come up with suggestions

Turns out hubby WILL get a vacation. They'll shut down() the work for 3 weeks. It's not sure it'll work, but that is the plan.

Today Marianne and Noori is dropping by for breakfast. I got a text from her last night stating that they'll be here at 10 am and that I had better be starved. 3 min later I got a text asking if I could stand tuna. Y.U.M.

Tomorrow Runar will be away working until Friday night, so I'm having Ellen over for dinner. Baked Salmon++

Runar's sister is home from Brussels, so I'm going to try spend some time with her as they're only here for one week.

Next week I'll be having 3 of my aunty-kids on vacation for 3 days up at Vintland. Should be fun. Just hoping the weather will be nice enough to go swimming. I'm knitting felted slippers for them to wear up there.


We have decided on the name. It will be Marianne ^-^


  1. The latest name suggestion is marianne.
    I like Mona too.

  2. i like mona alot too!!!
    said Helene

  3. Looks like we'll be settling for Marianne. We'll have to discuss it some more when Simen gets home from the festival. And we have to wait and see when we actually meet the little princess, whether or not she "fits" that name...

  4. Sue thinks: Awww...what a gorgeous puppy. <3 Love the names - Marianne and Mona. Either is fitting for her. So glad to hear Runar's news. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed. I hope the weather is good for you all, too. Have a great time ^-^

  5. Late name suggestions: Edita and Isolde :-)

    My St. Bernard-napping business is going to be very busy in a couple weeks.

    1. St. Bernard-napping? Oh, yeah? Remember that thread about the poor saleman? Right - Who knows what I'll do to any nappers?!? *evil maniacal grin*

      I understand you, though. HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING THAT CUTE?!? I'm deeply in love with her already

    2. I ain't scurrd a no big dogs :-) and no, I have never seen anything as cute as your new puppy. Need. More. Photos!!!!!!!!rawr!!!

  6. =) Thank you, Sue

    Lorin, I think Runar mentioned Edita on his list, but Isolde is not a name commonly used up here. I'll pass the suggestion on.

    I wish Simen would hurry back home, but he'll probably not come home until Saturday at the earliest. He is having a blast, btw ;-)