Monday, July 8, 2013

Huzzaaah! Summer is finally here

Had my first bath in the sea. It was FREEZING, but I was under up to my neck. I didn't swim for long, as it was so cold it hurt, but it is done! Go me! Hopefully water temps will start rising. I'm crossing all digits the water in the lake up in the mountains is a little bit warmer. *brrr*

I'm waiting for my 3 auntie-kids who are with their uncle and his fiancĂ©e at the zoo. I've bought a new board game, some new playdoh++ we should be able to enjoy ourselves. I suspect they'll be over the top tired and hyped up on too much sugar when he's dropping them off. Weather forecast says sun and temps above +20 C. That means we'll be spending hours at the lake tomorrow. Whee!  I'll be on my own with them most of the time, seeing both Runar and Simen is working, but Runar has promised he'll stay the nights up there with us, at least. It's kinda funny. He invites them to come on vacation with us, but expects me to do all the work...oh, well, they're great kids and I love them to bits. We'll have fun. Runar's brother and wife will come pick them up on Wednesday.

Too bad the summer heat came so late, because that means there are no ripe wild blueberries, or raspberries up there yet. We can still go searching. Who knows, we might get lucky and find a few bushes in some hidden sunny spot.

I also have to give Georg a thorough scrubbing. I can do it alone at the lake. Normally it is a two-person job. We hook up the garden hose to the shower and just give him a shower on the back patio, but Runar hasn't been able to find the time to help me with that so far. We are in the middle of tic season and I just can't wait any longer.  He needs a bath before I put on his tic-drops meds. As all meds for dogs up here are measured in weight, everything we need for Georg is insanely expensive. I can't afford to waste tic drops on a dirty dog. I've paid attention and picked him clean of tics daily, but there are just too many of those little nasty buggers down here by the coast and Georg is like a dinner-plate waiting for them. The good thing is that those tic drops I put on Georg, help keep the tics off us two-legged too. Yay, for effective meds!

I'm not sure whether Georg and I will just spend all the week up there. I guess it depends on whether Runar gets that waterpump taken care of, or not. That car is now sitting at his work, while he's using one of the company cars. I don't know for how long he'll be allowed to use it.

Runar is supposed to start his vacation next week, but he now says that he doubts he'll be able to actually take much time off, as there are still work that needs finished. He'll say he has 3 weeks off to some people, then he'll turn around and say he has no vacation to others. He refuses to give me any straight answers, so I guess time will show.


  1. Eeee! That sounds freezing! We haven't been up to the lake yet, it stays cold until the middle of July up there.

    What's up with the hubby? Just being a martyr?

  2. He's being a duchbag!

  3. "Hidden sunny spot" seems to be an oxymoron, but poetic. :)
    My ex used to claim that any day off that involved necessary yard work was not a day off, so he never did any. Moon asked me why we ever got married. On his good days, he was a lot of fun! (I still talk with him.)

  4. Hehe, exactly! We did find wild blueberries