Friday, October 18, 2013



Yeah, I am silly-happy. Tomorrow is the naming-day ceremony and party for my newest niece, Frida. The afternoon and evening will be spent just lazying about and doing girlie-things with Helene. I have an evil secret plan for us girls to conquer the living room and turn it into an all-night movie-night, or marathon series-watching Maybe I'll be able to persuade her to watch FIREFLY (crossing fingers like crazy)

In other news, we're still dealing with the sneaky cottage neighbours up at the farm. I can't decide whether they're just plain stupid, or if they're Bona fide douchebags  trying to bullying their way to total rule of the mountain. We're at war, now, and it just sux. I really, really, rea-a-lly dislike rude, sneaky people disregarding all laws and common decency.

We have tried to come to an agreement. They want everything. period. And they want it for free. It isn't only that they have removed the old boarder markers and built on our land. They also want to do exactly what they want no matter what, like digging down an open septic tank and polluting.

They even felt entitled to do so without permission from the local authorities. They show us papers dating back from 1960s regarding a farm that no longer exist and think they are entitled to all fishing and hunting rights. They claim they are allowed to cut firewood on our land as much as they want. The list goes on and on and it just never ends.

Why do such people even exist? Couldn't we just gather them all up and throw them on a distant planet in another solar-system?

On a different note I've discovered() the Icelandic group that are absolutely fascinating. Love their music and some of their videos.

First I heard of them was this one

Imagine a dark stormy night, wind howling outside and the fire crackling in the fireplace.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

Peace - out!


  1. I love firefly! Maria might join up around six-ish!

  2. I love firefly! Maria might join up around six-ish!

  3. Juhuu! *doing the happy dance*