Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marianne and knitting update

Marianne is such a daddy's girl. She'll be the same when she's too big, just wait and see ;)
Marianne is getting bigger and bigger. She's now over 30 kg (60 pounds). She's a good girl, most of the time. The other day, while I was at my sister's, Runar was letting her out to do her business while on the phone. Yeah...she ran off.
No place like daddy's lap

Since it was in the morning at the time the kids are on their way to school, naturally she found some nice girls to follow. Luckily one of the grocery store ladies recognized her and brought her to the store, where Runar found them. (he was out looking by then)

 I met the girls the next day. They have decided they are now Marianne's BFFs They also informed me that they were 10 min late for school that morning...ouch!

Helene's lap is nice too

Helene was home for a weekend visit. It was great seeing her again. Maria came up Saturday and we had beer(the girls) and whiskey. Soo much fun! They both ordered a scarf.

I finished the poncho. Made some socks, feltet slippers and scarves too. The scarves are fun to make as they're so easy. I've also started on a tunic/dress for Nova. I'll probably make one for little Frida as well. My sister Nora is knitting for the other two girls(her granddaughters).


 Maria's ruffle scarf. (the fly was a puzzle Runar got from a sales person at work. It wasn't supposed to be in the picture, but if I lift it, it falls apart...)

Oh, I found wordfeud. Sooo hooked. I'm cara_1969 if you want to play.


  1. Stunning pics of Runar and Marianne. Helene is looking happy and in good health.

    Wow! You did a superb job on your poncho. It knitted up pretty quick. Your scarf and slippers too,.Well done :)

  2. I admire your work ethic, but it reminds me of how much I need to do...

  3. Thank you, Sue. ...not sure a year and a half equals quick in any way or form, but I got it done, at least :p

    Eileen, I knit when I sit down to relax. You can just imagine how little housework that is getting done ;)