Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nostalgic, longing back a 100 years to a simpler time? Hells, no! Not me!

I admit it. I don't think I'll ever become fond of housekeeping and such chores. With me, it's more of a battle. I do however enjoy a tidy and clean house. Up at the farm, it's very old fashion. I have rugs on the wooden floors that my mom has weaved. They look really nice. When they are clean.  I took some of the rugs from the farm house with me, earlier this fall, because they needed to be washed.

 I planned to just hand them over to a cleaner and would gladly have paid for that service. Seems nobody uses the cleaner around here. All 3 cleaners in my region has been closed. WTF? Do people just throw stuff when it's dirty and buy new? I found out that there are still some in a city an hour's drive away and I had hoped to get them cleaned as soon as the car was fixed.

Until Runar left the big rug out in the rain.

Bad thing is that wet rugs get mouldy faster than you can spell m.o.u.l.d. Good thing is that it got me pissed off enough to wrestle the damn thing into the tub to clean it myself, by hand. 

It is too big for my normal average washing machine. It weighed so much I could barely lift it when it was wet. Runar had to come help me.

I just got it up on the line.The damn thing is about 4 meters long and 80 cm wide. I bet it weighs 40-50 kg, at least, when it's dripping wet. I hung it over a broomstick across the tub over night to reduce some of the weight. I had to hang it up on the line length wise, or the line would have broke.

It took me forever and a half. I got one end up easy enough, but before I got to the other end, the first end had fallen down again. Marianne did her best to help, just that she thought the rug was supposed to be on the floor...  At least I was entertainment for the kids in the daycare center across the street. The kids were cheering when I finally got it up and the poorly masked snickerings from the grownups - I HEARD YOU, LADIES!

Marianne got thirsty from all the hard work.

Now, I'll just sit here with tired arms shaking, waiting for the dentist appointment in a couple of hours. Why, oh, WHY did I let her persuade me to go see her twice a year?!? Oh...right, she had such a pretty face and such a glowing smile. I. am. such. a. sucker!


  1. Haha! Go Marianne! Also, when are you done at the dentist? When can I call?

  2. Haha! Go Marianne! Also, when are you done at the dentist? When can I call?

  3. appointment is 2:40 pm. I'll text you when I get home

  4. Ha ha! I am a witness to your cleanliness, Eli. And I also know your home and the farm (mountain cabin) is absolutely spotless and very welcoming. =) Those rugs are gorgeous, clean and soft. No mould did I spot while vacuuming them. Yes they'll be heavy when wet; they are heavy when dry. :p

    .Go Marianne! Big hugs for you the next we meet. =)

    So, how did it go at the dentist?

  5. I only got my teeth sandblasted(or that is how it feels) Meaning, she only picked and cleaned them. We've made some future plans for fixing up my smile, tho'