Friday, November 15, 2013

Am I really that old?

I must be, because yesterday my youngest got his driver's license. He is 18 and now legally an adult. I think back at when I was that age and I remember thinking my parents were ancient and oh-so-OLD! Now I'm the ancient one. Yikes!

I'm still a baby!
Marianne is getting bigger. And bigger. She's also getting more cunning. She'll jump out of any fenced in areas. You won't believe how high she can jump. It is impressive. It also means we can no longer just let her out in the garden to play, when she's bored.

This week she harassed one of the neighbours again. That is, I'm not sure she harassed him, but when he brought her home, he told me she was "very playful". Yeah, translated into normal speek, that means she was jumping them and scaring the living daylight out of them. *groans* They were changing tires on the son's car. I bet she wanted to help. She is very! helpful. She'll happily hold all your tools. She's particularly helpful in grabbing and holding on to the things you have in your hands already...

She's not yet caught on to the trick of barking/whining when she needs to go pee while we sleep. Instead she'll stare at us and silently scream her head off. Does it wake us up? Not so much... I've washed the rug in the hallway so many times it will be worn out within a year if she doesn't stop, or if the boys don't learn to let her out before they go to bed. Apparently they think I can sense when they go to bed in my sleep and get up to let her out. Do I? Not so much...

She's very attentative when we're out on our walkies, though. It's usually a very relaxing and pleasant thing to do - walking her. I need to take her to town and walk her in places where there are a lot of people. I haven't done so that often and that needs to change, because I can't have a hyper 70 something kg dog wanting to say hello to everyone she meets. Just thinking about it gives me nightmares.

Taking the bus to my parents' today to part and prepare the moose meat today. We used to have two cars and two driv

ers, but somehow only one car in working order. Now we have two cars in working order and 3 drivers. Guess who's always without a car? Yeah...funny how those things work.

Runar shot a small cow last weekend and they are going out to hunt with a dog this weekend as well, so cross your fingers they'll be getting another one. This is their last chance to get any, as moose hunt season is ending 21st. Seems we'll be spending Christmas Eve at Runar's parents and this year we'll be many. As usual Runar and I will be the cooks and moose roast is on the menu.

My psoriasis is flaring up again. Not fun. My joints aren't too bad, yet, but my bad shoulder is getting worse rapidly. Not fun either.

Finished with the dresses, this is the biggest. 3-4 years old, the other one is for 3-6 months old.


  1. Now listen,Marianne. Stop stressing your Mama. Be a good girl and learn what is right and wrong. :p

    Be careful, Elli. She might end up going A.W.O.L.when in season and POW! - you'll end up with puppies. :)