Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shoutout from Vintland

I'm playing with my new cellphone. Another HTC, a little newer, but still an old model, that we got for almost nothing at the store runar's brother works at.  Not that much better, but at least it handles internet well enough and let's me email-blog from up here. I love not having to figure out how everything works, cause I already know.  

Marianne and I decided to stay up at the farm the whole week. It's pouring down and winds at gale force, but we don't really care.

When we went for our walk, earlier today, we dug a mini stream across the road, because it was becoming a little lake. Man! We are drowning over here. Marianne loves poodles and ponds and is jumping and dancing in the ditch, in creeks, in the lake.  She jumps in trying to splash up as much water as possible, while chasing water droplets before they hit the surface. Then she takes off like a rocket, down the road, screeches to a halt, turns in a confusing ball of legs, paws and dog, before she sets off toward you and all you can think is IMMAGONNADIE! And she turns slightly and only bumps you with her hip, which does throw you several steps off, but leaves you relatively whole.  And she is so happy cute, you forgive her.  

Walks in bad weather aren't so bad, when the company is  good and you can curl up on the sheepskin with a good book, the sound of fire cracking in the stove and Marianne snoring contentedly beside you.

I'm having a bad bout of aching, but I'm making the best of it, anyhow.

When I get back to civilization I need to update goodreads. Last year I failed to do much else than comment a few things, this year I will do better.


  1. That sounds like heaven. Not that my holiday has been awful or anything, but the weather is dry. I prefer snow or even rain to a dry winter.

  2. Dry cold winters are THE worst. Agreed!

  3. It's cold and wet here. Once it gets cold enough for snow, the weather dries out amd no snow. Boo!

  4. Up here cold without snow, means bad news. Snow works as insulation against temps below freezing and whenever we have severe cold without snow, the news are full of stories about water pipes breaking, etc.