Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, I welcome thee!

I'm happy to say I'm back to knitting again, after a period of not being able to knit at all, it feels great! Finished with a few knitting projects - felted slippers and socks.

Working on this right now
(just that I'm using different colours)

Charlotte (Frida's mom) visited earlier this week and she picked out a few dresses and sweaters she wanted me to knit for Frida. Yay!

I'm also going to crochet these shark socks for Helene. If they're not to difficult to do, I'll do a pair for some of the toddlers as well.

I'll probably be crocheting a few more summerhats for myself later on. With my sensitive scalp and lack of hair, it'll be that or buy a whig...

Oh, and because it's Friday I give you something to WTF over

Yoko Ono's Fashion for men:

I mean, seriously?!? That's not sexy, that's creepy! Or, when I try visualizing a REAL man wearing those clothes, like the hubby hee hee hee yeah, hilarious!  

And what's with the nipple dots? 

Here's the link

Gotta love NEWS of the WEIRD

Have a fantabulous weekend, folks!


  1. Those shark socks are awesome!

    Yoko Ono is crazy. Seriously disturbed in the head. If it wasn't for John Lennon's fame she would've disappeared into obscurity before anyone ever heard of her.

  2. Some yummy projects there, Eli. Good knitting/crochet.

    Yoko Ono? Who's she? :P Out of sight, out of mind is what myself and perhaps others are thinking right now. But as for her taste in fashion, it's a case of 'out of sight, out of her mind..' he he.

  3. Thanks, Sue ^_^

    I chose the crocheted slipper version instead of socks. I mean, they won't fit in any shoes anyhow. I'll put up pictures when they're done =)

    Yeah, Yoko Ono - far, far out there...