Friday, March 21, 2014

Short update

We won in court. That is, it was more of a settlement, but mostly in our favor. We agreed on regulating the land border to include their cottage and in letting them use the road, with conditions regarding lumber traffic, etc and no maintenance in general on our part. They'll also be allowed to keep the well they put down on our land. They'll have to pay us 50 000 (8,252.26 USD) We're happy and I think the other party is too, at least we can all get on with our lives, now.

I can't go into details in public. We'll be laughing a long time thinking back on this court day.

We're without a car. Hubby decided to do some repairs and had gotten parts that didn't fit. If we're lucky it will get fixed today and we can get up to the farm for the weekend, if not....

Simen is having work training for the next three weeks. He has plans on getting a position as an apprentice with the firm he'll be working at. He's taken care of all the necessary papers, etc. I'm very pleased to see that he is mature enough to take care of these things himself. I haven't really helped him at all, just functioned as a sounding board. W00t!

 He is determined to make a good impression and work twice as hard to impress them enough to let him apprentice for them. He'll need to work 2-3 years to get his necessary certificates to become an authorized electrician/automatician.

Hope you guys have a fantabulous weekend


  1. Congrats!

    What about them harvesting all of the firewood from your land?

    1. They were told about the law. They have no claims according to Norwegian law. Turns out it was just something the tried to bully us with, they didn't expect to get any... Will do a private blog about it ;-)