Sunday, April 27, 2014

I HAVE BEES IN MY GARDEN, but I will never be able to live off my photography,

I know that very well. It's a mystery why I keep at it...but I do.


Suddenly I love my messy old garden. It may not be pretty, but at least the bees like visiting and that ought to mean something, doesn't it?

As I said; I'll never be a photographer
You can nearly see half of her

Yes I know it's a she-bee*

*expl. will follow

It's a bee!

It looks like she's flying without wings, even though she's obviously carrying big yellow bags.

 It is living proof of bees still exist and the world isn't going to end. At least not tomorrow.

These are rose leaves. Interesting. Below them and in the background, you can barely see a bee. Do-it-yourself-zoom-in-style

Notice how I also broke the Don't-take-standing-pictures-rule? Skillz. Pure skillz.

Oh, see, a cut rose stalk. Fascinating.

I'm a big fan of impulsive clicking.    Uncontrollably.     You can always trust that method. Nothing good, or interesting ever comes from it.

Honestly? I'm terrible. I don't know how my phone camera works. Half the time I can't find the zoom button. I just can't seem to dig up the interest of learning it. I'm having a classical old-people-archetypes moment with everything regarding cellphones.

This is me while experiencing a crash course of camera functions given by Simen. He is clicking the button just when I'm exclaiming; I can see me!

I am really trying here, peeps. Can you see all that enthusiasm? I amaze me sometimes.

I really should learn how to take better pictures.

PS! I apologize for incessant use of sarcasm.

PPS! ...not really.


  1. I see bees daily. They love it here... Of course, they are Africanized bees, and we have to beware, but we have bees. Lots and lots of bees.

  2. I like bees. The bees around here make me nervous when they get close, but I don't mind them. Lots of love to the bees. They make one of my favorite sweets. Honey.

    Great post!

  3. =) I like bees too. Except when they're swarming. That's a bit daunting. I only experienced it twice, last summer up at the farm, but it will last me a lifetime.

    Bumblebees are fine as long as they don't get indoor, because that seems to bring out the worst in them.

    Wasps, on the other hand, *shudders* hates them we do!