Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Report from Vintland

Sendt fra min HTC
Things have been busy as usual, with family, doctor's app with my mother, etc. Today was supposed to be a relaxing day around the farm. Fate decided differently. Marianne bit down on a venomous snake and it bit back...
Extra exciting when you're stuck without a car and all neighbours are away.

It got hairy for a while, as we waited for simen to come from mandal and Marianne was getting allergic shock, having difficulties breathing.
But it worked out ok in the end. She got cortisone intravenously together with fluids, then a shot of metadone(strong relaxing pain reliever) before we headed home. Antibiotics for a good week and taking it easy is the treatment. Cross fingers there won't be further complications!
I håve photos of the patience, but couldn't manage to upload them from phone with the lousy connection up here. Only managed to upload one to facebook. Sry. Will post some laterz

Over and out

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