Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wham! Fall is here

I have to blog, or Helene will kill me. Thing is, I don't have that much interesting to say, nor much happy stuff. I'm in a meh-phase and a bit whelmed. 

Rainstorms and everyday routine is a fact. I'm rather relieved to be honest. I'm stressed out, even though the big cousin gathering was postponed to next year. It's nice to get back into the normal grind of work weeks.

I've started working out with a physical therapist once a week. The workout is specialized for people with neck/shoulder/back issues. P.A.I.N. I tell yah, I am so out of shape it's depressing

It's been a weird summer. I've sort of been living in transit and I haven't been able to finish any of the projects I wanted to do. That's not new, exactly, but this summer it sort of got to me and stressed me out. I told Runar early on, like in May, that I really needed to stay up at the farm and get the hall upstairs painted and the rest of the farm house deep cleaned. I told him that I was worn out and needed to stay up there long enough to be able to recharge my batteries. That was a mistake. Subconsciously he immediately started working on making that impossible. I honestly don't think he does this on purpose, I just know that the result is that nothing on my to-do-list gets done, while his to-do-list grows daily and they all take precedence.  Eitherwho,  last weekend he helped me get the hallway upstairs cleared and ready to be painted. The main reason I need to paint, is because of the woodworm. According to my BIL I can get paint with anti-parasite stuff that takes care of the problem.

The car has broken down a few times during summer, but it hasn't really gotten fixed, because it will probably cost too much. We are now back to the good ole' times where I can't really use the car for long trips, because of the risk of ending up stranded along the road somewhere and it will inconvenience everybody. 

Runar bought one of these. It really did the work on the fields. We got rid of the fences around the house and we now have a lawn all the way to the creek, which is nice. It was the money I'd have liked to use on furniture and curtains, but hey, the fields have been tended to more this summer than they have since we took over the farm. Nice!

I hope we get a mild winter. Runar forgot he had promised fire wood to one of the cottage neighbours up there. He gave them 3 pallets of firewood that were meant for our own use.

He started his swimming pool project. It's a huge project. I told him I was against it, because it wouldn't be finished and we'd end up with a messy mudhole for the dogs to get dirty in. "Oh, no!" he said, "It will be finished by next year, the latest." He said.  Results: He has dug up a huge hole in the creek that Marianne loves to take mudbaths in. Yay?

The neighbour farmer has gotten Scottish Highland cattle. They're ridiculously cute.

We've been visited regularly by a sheep and her twin lambs all summer. One week they were in our fields 3 days in a row. 3 days in a row, Marianne sat and watched them, but managed to not chase them or try play with them. Then late afternoon the 3rd day, she couldn't help herself. She approached the trio. Mama sheep do not abide with dogs. Of course. She did her best to gore her (read: chase her away from her kids) Marianne thought it a wonderful new game and danced happily around her barely avoiding getting hit. She didn't show aggression and she didn't bark. The two twin lambs couldn't care less. They've seen Marianne from they were born and probably thinks she is just another weird sheep.

Mama sheep tolerates Marianne at a distance and it seems Marianne has accepted this is how it will be. She hasn't tried to contact them afterwards. The trio still visits our fields regularly. 

Simen has started his apprenticeship with the local electrician firm. He is loving it; the work, the people, the routine. Workhours are 7:30 - 15:30. W00t!

My dad told my sister they were ready to move into a nursing home. My mother's Parkinson is getting worse and my dad's health is deteriorating at an alarming rate. He's too worn out to take care of her. It's hard to deal with and I can't really talk about it.

 Mom's brother died last week and it has sent her on a downward spiral. Uncle was a character, alright. Extremely smart. Spoke several languages. Active in humanitarian work. Active in women's rights. (His wife was so masculine she had actual beard, that's all I really remember of her, that and her deep manly voice, they got divorced when I was a kid) Active in the resistance work during WW2. He was also an alcoholic who beat his wife to a wreck, who at the age of 70 something, raided houses with teenagers and bullied my mother until she was a nervous wreck whenever my father was away. He had 3 kids, one outside his marriage that I didn't know about until 10 years ago. It's complicated. Funeral will be Friday.

PS! I have a new wallpaper for the laptop (Thank you Amber) I love it.


  1. Even when you don't have anything "interesting" to say, you say it well. The owls were great.

  2. I have to agree. You always say it well. I love reading your blog. It always encourages me to find things to do and keep busy.

  3. Hello! Fall is juuuuuuuust around the corner here.

    My mom always wanted to get highland cattle, they're so FLUFFY! I loves them!