Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aw Lawdy, I crashed. Books and other sillies

I've been down with a freak bout of inflammations for more than a week. It's my own fault, which made it suck all that more. That exercise class was too much and when I, in one of those I-will-get-this-place-in-order-even-if-it-kills-me type of mood, mowed the lawn, yeah... I crashed. My arms felt as if they'd been through a thresher.[ramble] I had to put away my crochet work, which is a bummer as I only have the sleeves left to do on my jacket project.  After I'm done with this one, I am either going to knit or crochet another one - with thicker yarn - a cardigan type, me thinks[/ramble] Marianne, the physical therapist - texted me today telling me I was welcome to try out another easier class. I'm going to try that - hopefully next week.

I'm better now. Not great, I'm still stiff and achy as hell, but no fever anymore. Huzzah! The last three days I've been able to do some knitting, so I started the jacket to go with the dress I knitted for Frida pre-summer. It's going to be a Christmas present.

Runar's work has been down in a dump for a few weeks, with several loose strands that he hasn't quite been able to tie together. Until this week. He's in Denmark today. He'll probably leave again on Sunday for another project. Things are picking up. Thankfully, as I have a mountain of bills to pay.

Oh, you know the car trouble that didn't got fixed, due to the Volvo shop wanting us to pay our souls for something they couldn't guarantee helped? Runar found a shop that could do the job for less than half the price. They knew exactly what Runar was talking about when the called them and had no problems guaranteeing they'd get it fixed. Hah! Take that Volvo! It does mean that he'll have to drive 4 hours to get there, but they'll provide him with a car while the job is getting done. It is SO worth the drive!

Marianne is officially a young adult. She is in heath and Mother Night, she is one very confused dog. Plus she wants some. Real bad. I swear. She's a friggin' nympho whore. Walks with her is now out of the picture for me alone. Walks without a leash is out of the picture for the boys. It's mindblowing. Another thing that is mindblowing is how much her vagina swells up. I don't know how much you guys know about dogs in heath, but their genitalia swell up a bit. Marianne's swells up A LOT! I swear, she is a vagina with a little face at the other end. Terrifying!



I've plowed through a few books this summer. Here are some I'd like to point out:

Red Rising  by Pierce Brown, a supreme sci fi space opera kind of read. L.O.V.E.D. it!

Theft of swords by Michael J. Sullivan. 1st book in the Riyria Revelations trilogy. It's a classical adventure type of Fantasy read. I totally and completely fell in love with the main characters, but I have to admit that the fact that I bought the audio books, part of why I loved it so much, might be due to the awesome narrator. I am such a sucker for a sexy voice...
PS! There are some free audiobook shortstories on Amazon. The Jester is one.

Skin Game by Jim Butcher, the latest of his Dresden Files series about Harry Dresden, the licensed Gandalf-on-crack wizard of Chicago, Il. . Seriously, if you haven't read any of the Dresden Files, you are missing out on greatness. The audiobook narrator is soooo sexy [Mm Mm Mmm]. My sister, who had previously read about 10 pages of this series and had decided that she definitely did not like this cocky asshat wizard wonder, changed her mind completely this summer after she borrowed one of the books(I have some actual books in addition to the audiobooks, because signed stuff is so fun), to read on the 6 hours' bus ride home.  She is now a Dresden Files Fangirl [evil grin]

 I've also been through some anthologies Dangerous Women and Unfettered, which had some entertaining stories in them.

I'm now listening to The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks. It's boy-coming-to-age type of Fantasy with some interesting twists. I have an ambivalent relationship with this series. I hated the main character so much in book 1, that I could hardly manage to read() on, but even though I still disliked him in book 2, there were some interesting aspects regarding Brent's universe and type of magic and I kind of like the baddies. Now, in book 3, I'm catching myself in actually liking the little SOB. Weird.

I upgraded the kindle version of Shawn's The Dark Thorn to the audio version. I now have it in all possible versions, but I don't care, it's a good story that I won't mind listening to again, whenever I'm out of anything new to read/listen to. Which sort of leads me to my big problem

I need ideas for new reads. I'm desperate for some dystopian, steampunk dark awesomness to dive into when the long rainy autumn nights sets in. Help me out, plz?

PS! Just got a call from Runar. 1.  He's landed a new deal. YAY! 2. He got his ass kicked out of the business class area on the ferry, because he didn't see the QUIET sign and was talking on the phone... GROANY SIGH!

Sounds harsh? Guys, you haven't heard the type of phone-talking this hubby of mine does. Quiet is not a word that abides with Runar. Not even on a good day...


  1. I hear yah, Eli! *hugs* And oh, indeed, I know where you're coming from when it comes to pain. The time it takes to go away seems a long way away, doesn't it? Well it seems that way to me.

    Love your knitting. Always will. Your baby dress is very cute. ^-^

    Keep a close watch on Marianne, every opportunity, as she will demand to be mated and use the time to escape. If you do not intend on using a breeding male, other males will be pawing at your door to get to her. But you already know all this, don't you. ;) :p

  2. Thanks. hugs always appreciated! We are keeping a very close watch on her, Sue. I haven't seen any love sick males, yet, but aye, I know they'll be sneaking around before long

  3. We had a dog once that her parts would swell up like that. had to put a diaper on her for a week every time.

    Cats, now they are hilarious when they go into it. Seriously.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking up and go diapers with a cut to fit her tail might be easier than sanitary pads and old undies.

  5. All my pets have always been fixed, so I've never actually seen a bitch in heat =:-0

  6. Heh, you're not missing out on a whole lot. I'd prefer to get Marianne fixed, but the boys are negative on that. We'll see if I can persuade them otherwise...

  7. On books, I should read more. I'm still trying to get through the Honor Harrington series. I'm on book three...