Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recycling of old undies, or poor Marianne...

"Å du e sånn ei fin jenta" is dialect for Å du er sånn ei fin jente = Oh, you're such a fine girl

"Kan du sidda fint" is dialect for "kan du sitte fint = Can you sit (properly). 

As you probably realize, this is why I can't do voice-to-text stuff on my phone, unless I speak English...

I'm not too happy with these pairs of old Runar-undies and neither is Marianne, but I can't just take one at random, without having talked to Runar first.  (There aren't any doggie-pants thingies in Marianne's size anywhere close to my neck of the woods, so old undies it is 

PS! Libresse wings, in case you wondered...


  1. you need to write upon them - No entry. ;)

  2. Awwwww! Big doggies are teh best. I saw a Newfoundland the other day at the dog wash and I WANT ONE!! They're so FLUFFY!

  3. LOL yeah!

    Newfies are cute, but it takes a lot to groom them as with fluffy Saints. I don't miss the grooming, but sure miss cuddling with Georg. All the Newfies I've met have all had that same wonderful gentle and patient personality. Marianne is gentle, but with a lot more spunk

  4. Poor Marianne in her tighty whities...