Friday, September 12, 2014

Fridges hate me

I need an exorcist. Or a magic wand. Or some kind of woodo to rid me of my curse. Fridges and or freezers hate my guts. AAARRRGGGHHH!

 Back in May I struggled to de-ice my freezer. I wrote about it in This blog. From then, our Fridge-freezer hasn't worked.

The fridge isn't that old. It wasn't the most expensive, but neither was it among the cheapest. It is supposed to be an automatic anti ice thingie. The salesperson bragged about this fridge, how effective, quiet, maintenance-free, etc it was. Hah! Liar!

 There is no way of turning off the freezer part. There is no defrost button/option. I checked. I plowed through the manual with magnifying glass. I searched the net. No help.

As often is the case with brilliant theories, reality is different. The freezer was so full of ice, there was hardly room for anything else. According to the manual, icing would and could not happen. That was all that was mentioned regarding this.

Since it is impossible to turn off the freezer, only, and because I needed the fridge part of the damned thing, I had to leave the freezer-door open and use bowls of boiling hot water to melt the ice. I mean, I had to do something. The ice was threatening to take over the entire thing. To the point where I worried I couldn't close the door. It took two days to melt the ice, but it got done and I was so happy and proud. Until the next day, when the alarm went off.

I did not use any knives. Let's get that straight. No. Knives. Yes, I do admit that I did do that to ONE of our previous Fridge/freezer and yes, it killed it. I did it only once. I learned my lesson. I swear.   Does hubby believe me? No. He is convinced it's my fault and that I used a knife. He can't hear the incessant beeping of the alarm and doesn't really care.

Obviously the god of fridges has neither forgiven, nor forgotten, because the freezer part refuses to go lower/colder than minus 10 C and the freezer alarm goes off at minus 11C.

Since May I have had to go hit off the alarm at all hours of day and night. I have to keep the magic "frost-matic" (I kid you not, there is such a button) active too. It gets the temps down to minus 13C for about 5 minutes, then suddenly rises to minus 10 or minus 9  and *BEEEEEEEP*
It. Drives. Me. Nuts.

We can't afford a new fridge right now. I do have a huge old fashion freezer in Simen's bedroom, so fortunately no food got ruined. It's taking so much space, that he is pleading with me to get rid of it. I can't do that until I can afford a new fridge/freezer.

Our car will be fixed next Thursday. We'll have to wait and see what the cost will be. If we're lucky, we'll afford a new fridge/freezer too.

I'm still not recovered from the inflammation. Marianne is still in heat. Runar is overworked and we haven't had a proper weekend since...I can't remember.

Right now I just suck at everything.


  1. Hugs and more hugs! You're the best not in the Galaxy! <3

  2. Do you have a hair dryer or a paint heat gun?

  3. Hair dryers work great. We went through this problem back in January. The reason it isn't defrosting is because the auto-defroster device is broken. There's this tiny little thing that can tell when ice is forming on the freezer radiator thingy. When it notices ice, itvturns off the freezer just long enough to melt it. The water from the melt drips fiwn a tube to under the fridge, in a pan, where it evaporates. Do you have a manufacturer warranty on it?

  4. LOLZ! Helene, it absolutely made my day! I tried to reply, but I didn't have a connection good enough. By the end if the month, that will change. New mast is being put up. Juhuu!

    I did use a dryer for the clod of ice near the door.

    The warranty went out about a year ago. If course.

    We figured the same, Jason, the insane thing is that it's cheaper to buy new. The old regular ones, you could unplug, turn upside down, let it rest, plug it in and it was fine again...

    Never liked the darned thing, so I'm definitely going for a different brand

  5. *Hugs* Empathy. My A/C went out.

  6. You being without AC is far worse, Eileen. Far worse!