Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another week gone by

We've had a week of beautiful sunny fall weather. I love it. Doors and windows are open all day and night and no wasps *does happy dance*

Marianne is more or less over the heath-period and is finally allowed up in the sofa again.

I'm not sure which of these two missed their cuddlesleep more, dog or man

Took my dad to the ophthalmologist last week and he is now up for surgery to get a new cornea. He is so happy, it's like talking to the dadman of old. He opted for surgery in a different county to avoid the long waiting list in our county, meaning he'll have his sight back before Christmas. Juhuu! Reading was really the only joy he had left, and with his poor eyesight he more or less had to give it up, which made him quite depressed. Now that he knows he'll be able to read his Lee Child and old western books again, he says it no longer matters where he is put to live, he'll be a happy man.

Mom's parkinson has gotten worse since summer. She is pretty far out, now. We're - 3 of us sisters - my parents and a nurse are meeting up tomorrow to discuss the path forward. The hope is to get them into a nursing home, where mom can take part in social activities, etc and dad can work out without having to fear he'll fall down and not be able to get up again unaided. The way this is going, she'll likely need 24 hours daycare with nurses before long. If they get a flat at the nursing home, that means that mom will just be moved down a floor when the need for 24 hours care comes.

I'm heading up to the farm today. My sister has errands in town and will pick up Marianne and I afterwards. I'm going for hikes and sleep this weekend. I've not been sleeping well and for some weird reason I keep waking up with my arms above my head. That is not good, as it renders them useless for half the day. The inflammation in the shoulders have spread to my elbows. I guess I'm letting the stress of hubby's job get to me...

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys


  1. I cross my fingers it all. granpas under the knife, and hoping they get the flat they want and for your inflamation to go down! Hugs and kisses! -Helene!

  2. *hugs* Sending get-well wishes to you and your mom and dad. Hope all goes well with the new cornea operation, and the need to make your mom more comfortable in the coming years comes to fruition.

    Oh my, your inflammation is getting worse, isn't it? It might be a good idea to keep your doctor up-dated. You might never know where it'll hit next.

    Have a great weekend, too. Take care.

  3. They will be getting a flat. We don't know when, as the flats need to be upgraded, but they will get one. Until they move, they'll receive a little more help at home and mom will be taken to the social activity center 3 times a week, which will let my dad get some much needed rest.

    The car got fixed. We will be getting a new combo fridge/freezer

    My inflammations are what they are, I'm taking meds and hanging in there, I just get a little fed up at times...