Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Proper coffee and soft toilet paper. Is that too much to ask for?!?

So...a lot has been happening and I'm still a bit numb and don't seem to find the words, nor energy to post much.

Hubby went to bankruptcy court last week. His firm is no longer. He hasn't gotten a paycheck the last two months. He won't be eligible for unemployment pay until December.  The young partner put in his resignation notice last month, when it dawned on him that he wasn't doing his job and apparently couldn't do it, either. I have no idea what he thought to achieve, but he has so much stuff going on privately, that I think he just had a severe breakdown and freaked. Regardless, the result is what it is.

Hubby. Needs. To. Get. A. Job.

New government, new rules. I'll be losing some of my disablement pay. I haven't had the guts to check just how much I'll be losing. The new government wants to encourage the disabled to miraculously get healed and get jobs by making it nigh impossible to live off disablement pay. Compared to the old rules, where you risked losing all your disablement "privileges" if you worked on the side (You were allowed to work, but could only earn a set amount per year) you are now allowed() to work as much as you like and not lose your disablement status. They will take your money, though...

I'm getting to the point where I can't even.  The most trivial of stuff kills me, these days. Monday morning, when we got home from the farm and discovered there were no toiletpaper in the house and I was stuck on the loo, hubby immediately, with the whole hero-saves-the-day-drumroll, rushed to the store to get some (because he couldn't just go look in the cupboard above the stove for paper tissue, as I asked him to, because he's a MAN - male logic...) he came back with the cheap kind of grayish semi-soft stuff that won't flush no matter what. I just wanted to die. And I couldn't get snappy, because for the first time in HISTORY, the man chose to be mindful of the price of what he bought at the grocery store and was beaming with pride. That wasn't the only way he'd saved the day, he told me, grinning like a madman.

The other thing he had decided to be price-conscious about was coffee. Cheap coffee. It's like you get punished twice. It looks like coffee. It smells like coffee. It tastes like piss. I'd much rather do without dinner, hells, I'll skip a couple of meals, gladly, as long as I have soft toilet paper and proper coffee. I'm either old, or a luxury whore...maybe both
I really can't handle having hubby at home all day. His laptop and papers covers all of the kitchen table. The content of his pocketS is covering all of the coffee table in the living room. TV is showing Discovery Channel man-shows all day And night. Volume way high. It makes me batshit crazy.

So I went on audible and bought kitchen porn on sale. J. R. Ward's fallen angels series  It is pretty awful. I made hubby listen to it too.

Hubby: I'm bankrupt, we're broke and you bought kitchen porn?!?
Me: uhum it was on sale
Hubby: You'd buy hell if only it was on sale!
Me: Maybe, or maybe it was a case of bad coffee poisoning
The narrator's sexy voice is describing a scene in the shower where a male character is masturbating in front of female character
Hubby: WTF?!
Me: Wait until I make you do shit like that
Hubby: You'll get proper coffee. I promise!



  1. Sorry you're having yo go through a rough patch. I hope he's able to find a job and spring back quickly. I'm currently trying yo push Ash to get a better paying job as her current pay is just barely covering the bills.

    Kitchen porn? LOL At least you'll get good coffee out of it.

  2. He will. The way he settled it, nobody is losing money - Not the creditors, nor the employees. the government secure employments salary after a bankruptcy, it just takes a while for the money to arrive. It's more a case of "oh, no, we'll have to go through this again" kind of reaction, than any real fear of not fixing things.

    And yeah, I'm having the real black stuff in my mug again [grins wickedly]

  3. Will be crossing fingers Ash finds a better paid job.

  4. Sends a shed-full of good luck to you both. We know what bankruptcy feels like. *hugs and xx's Rick had to go through it, twice.

    Eli ... a message from Rick: 'Coffee is bliss only when comes from the best makers. From the likes of yours, he had no complaints.; ))

  5. I'd rather share a dugout with the scorpions than endure "the cheap kind of grayish semi-soft stuff that won't flush no matter what." Praying for your triumphant return to the good stuff in both coffee and TP.