Friday, November 14, 2014

Karma good or bad?

I've sort of lost my happy for the time being. Sorry. I see myself as unfit for online socializing, or any kind of socializing, really. It will pass and things will work out, I know. It just doesn't help much, right now...

I've gotten hooked on Person of Interest. That John dude mm-mm-mm And he's actually old enough for me. It is a type of series that gets me a bit paranoid, though. I now have a sticker across my webcam...

I'm watching it online, because it doesn't show on any of our channels. I feel dirty for doing it, but not enough to stop.

I have gotten some sort of shite on my computer and I have pages popping up and all that fun. I need to clean it, but it still takes all of me to get around to do it. One of these days...

Bad karma?

I've been down with a stomach flu of some kind since Sunday. I'm keeping down foodstuffs now, but I have a splitting headache and whenever I try to do chores, I start shaking, so, I'm not quite well yet.

My mother's Parkinson is getting worse. It hurts to see her lose her mind. I was actually shocked to discover how much of her brain has died when she was tested last week. She has absolutely no knowledge about what season we're in, what date, day, week. She can no longer remember the names of her grandchildren/great grandchildren unless helped. She can no longer remember the date of her children's birth. she can't remember her own address, or phone.

She'll do math equations, etc with brilliance, but parts of her brain simply doesn't work anymore. The only thing they can do to slow down the progress, is using pads. It doesn't really help as in make things better, but they make her calmer - less prone to tantrum fits and angst, which is good.

They'll scan her brain next week to monitor what they call "The calcification of her brain" They still don't know what causes Parkinson, or what it is exactly, but they think it has to do with lack of blood in the brain resulting in brain cells dying.  Or that is what I've understood from what her doctor has told me

The doctor told us that she agrees in making the move to a new flat in the nursery home now is a wise thing. She said she was confident mom would handle it and that if we waited for much longer, it would be too late and mom would never learn to recognize the new place.

The big move is happening next weekend. We're all helping. Cross fingers things go well

I can't afford Christmas this year. Can we just skip it?

At least we'll be eating well. Runar got two deer a few weekends ago. According to him self he shot one and the other one just stood there, so he shot that one too. It was a sunday evening almost dark. He forgot to think about the deer needing to be slaughtered and prepared, etc. He also forgot that we can't eat that much venison alone. He had to go offer the neigbhour farmer half a deer if he helped skin and slaughter them. We'll be having a whole-grilled deer this summer up at the farm. Should be fun

The moose team have gotten one big stag deer and one little mooseling - I know that is not a word, but it should be, as it is a perfect name for a moose who isn't exactly a calf anymore, but still not an adult either.

Lots of venison and yummy dinner dishes in the future.

It's funny how those things work - bad luck moneywise - good luck huntingwise. When we're really broke, that's when we eat like royalty...Good karma?

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  1. Tape on the webcam? My parents put theirs face doen on their desk, when not used.

    To be honest, the idea of any mind altering disease scares the crap out of me.

    I always rely on my dad to bring home the venison we get. I might have to do it myself, one of these days. Iwosh I had your luck. Every time we're money tight, we get stuck eating hot dogs and pancakes. LOL

    Hope you feel better soon!