Thursday, December 11, 2014

Busy bee is cold...

...and slightly(!) stressed out. Still broke as heck. I've sort of cancelled Christmas. I haven't forgotten you and I miss you guys. By the looks of it, you're as busy as I am, because none of you have blogged either. 

When things settle down a bit, I'll do a proper blog post, promise! 

Take care you guys *huggles*


  1. We haven't quite cancelled Christmas, but it is running on the frugal side.

    I'll try and blog more. Been sick since Saturday morning. It's slowly getting better. Ugh

  2. Yeah, frugal living is the word. I'm buying presents to my old parents, because I just can't handle the no-money discussion with them and because we'll be spending Christmas Eve with them.

    Sorry to hear you're all sick. *hugs* I'll be sending get-better-very-soon thoughts your way

    ...and Yes, blog moar!

  3. Sorry I didn't seen you anything. We're not rolling in cash, either. :(