Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome Year 2015



I at least hope you are better than the previous, which  sucked balls and toefarts

I'm not doing the new year meme this year, as I hardly have any online time anymore and by the time I get less busy, it'll be too late for that

Things have been busy for a long time. I thought that when Christmas came around, things would calm down. Hunting season would be over and I would be able to get on top laundry, etc instead of living in bags moving back and forth from the farm.
Christmas was spent at my oldest sister's house Their youngest son with family were there and my parents. We had a wonderful time. Little Sigrid got scared when Santa came stomping up from the cellar and had to sit in Runar's lap, while her older brother; Magnus was not scared at all and even gave Santa a hug.

It was snowy and icy Christmas Eve and my father had a little mishap and fell while going down the steps to the car. He is on blood thinners and the cortisone makes his skin thin as well. Most of the skin on the back of his hand just fell off and he bled like a pig, of course. We got him bandaged and thought things were okay.

Turned out things were not so okay after all. Next morning we had to rush him off to hospital and he stayed there until New Years Eve. They drained 1.5 liters from his lungs. His heart isn't strong enough to rid him of excess liquid. He has yet more meds to take and hopefully he'll be around for a little while longer.

While he was in hospital, my youngest sister stayed with my mother. I stayed one night and day as well, but mostly Hildegunn was there. Bless her heart. She's a real trooper! Runar and my oldest sister had both gotten a bad cold from the kids. My brother in law and I visited my dad at the hospital every other day or so.

We need to get the old timers more help. My mother is incapable of caring for herself. She has no clue as to what day it is, what time of the day it is, nor when to eat, take meds, etc. She dresses and undresses 6-7 times a day - for no apparent reason, she has just always been into fashion and seem to think it's okay to change clothes all day. I took her with me when I was shopping groceries for her, all she nagged about the entire time, was to get her new stockings, which I did, because I didn't notice the ridiculously huge pile of boxes with stockings in her drawer until we got back - there  are stockings for a couple of decades...

My father is way too sick to care for anyone other than himself. They are both stubborn enough to not want any more times

The 30th we drove to Stavanger and helped Helene and her Runar move into their new bought flat. It was only a couple of streets away from where they rented, but it is a much bigger flat and to Helene's delight it has a dishwasher. Wheee! It was wonderful seeing her again, they both looked happy and healthy, which makes the 2 old parents happy pandas. DoubleWhee!

We aren't broke anymore, since Runar now receives unemployment pay, but we're still poor as heck and we can't afford to smoke anymore. This is a good thing, I know it is, even if I can't seem to see any good in this, yet. When I'm over the worst of the withdrawals I'm sure I will be able to see the good in this as well...

I hope my own health will improve a bit in 2015. I'll have to get an appointment to see my doctor (I almost get an allergic reaction just thinking about it, my doctor-angst is getting ridiculously bad) I have to ask her for some stronger anti inflammatory meds and hope my stomach can handle it long enough to get rid of my inflamation in  my right elbow. It's been there since summer and that is way too long. I want to be able to knit again. Hells, I want to be able to use my arms again without ending up a wreck.

I gave myself a newYear's gift this morning. I had forgotten to deactivate my alarm and when I rolled out of bed to turn it off, I headbutted one of the big old trunks(the type of traveling suitcases of olden days) They currently litter our bedroom up at the farm, because I was supposed to paint the upstairs hallway this fall. Due to my inflammation, that didn't happen, but all the shite is still stacked in the bedrooms...
I meet the new year with a black and blue cheek. Yowsa!



  1. This year is going to be SO AWESOME!! Because 2014 was so cheap the 2015 owes us!!!

  2. That was supposed to be crap, not cheap. This kindle is super sensitive about blue language

  3. My dad's arms have become thin, and powerless where they once impressed me. His hearing is all but gone, and he won't wear his hearing aid. His mind, however, is sharp. My in-laws have become so frail that they may not make it another winter. Time, the fourth dimension, can be amazing. We are linked in a chain between past and future. Someday, our children will tell stories of our journey through it, as they , too age.

  4. I hear you regarding the muscle loss, it's rather frightening to watch. I'm glad to hear his mind is sharp, it is comforting to know you can still talk to them the way you always used to

    Lorin, that typo made my day! And hells, ja! 2015 will rock our socks!