Friday, January 30, 2015

Alive and kicking

I'm still very much alive, just busy. 

My father has been very ill and they had to drain one lung for fluids. He's getting better, but he's still very ill. 

Physically my mother is doing pretty well. It's her mind that's deteriorating and frighteningly fast. 

Her doctor suddenly decided it was a brilliant idea to triple her dosage of one med she's taking and gave the nurses order to start her on them one evening. Her reaction to them was terrifying. She got violently sick and it lasted for hours. Dad managed to get hold of a nurse to come help and she looked in on them throughout the night. Dad didn't sleep at all. Next morning when I got there, he was grey faced and hadn't fully dressed yet. Mom was okay and didn't really remember the night. Then reaction to the morning dosage set in and chaos And sick happened all over again, just this time mom was already dehydrated and it was serious. 

Ambulance and hospital happened. I was so angry at the doctors. They should have hospitalized and monitored closely, if changing meds/dosages. 

My oldest sister and I was with mom. My next oldest sister was with dad. We all agreed that mom couldn't be sent home. Neither of them were able to care for themselves nor each other. 

For now mom is temporarily living one floor down. With other dementia patients getting the care she needs. Two ladies she knew as young are there and she's happy. My dad lives alone in their flat, but nurses drop by daily to check on him. 

There has been meetings, phone calls, mails and tons of worry and planning and more worries.  We hope mom gets a permanent place where she's at now. We go visit daily and bring mom up to visit dad. She sits down next to him and lets him pull her close under his arm and they hug and smile and tell each other how they are doing and how good it is to see the other. They look awfully sweet and loving. I can only hope to share the same with runar at their age. 

Tomorrow my sisters and I are doing more work at clearing out and dividing stuff at their old flat. We hope to get it put up for sale as soon as possible. It gets postponed time and again because of all the stuff happening.

Otherwise the kids are good. The rest is the same and too depressing to mention.

Take care y'all.

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