Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello soring(Spring)

(The autocorrect on my cellphone is too funny...not)
I welcome you with all of me!

The flat is sold. Just above what we had suggested, which is all kinds of awesome! Flat was put up for sale Monday and we officially accepted an offer on Thursday. We were prepared for a much longer time so I think we're all happily surprised. 

I'm all alone in the  house for the first time in months and I can't adequately express how much I needed this. It's raining and rather miserably cold outside. With a hint of scorched stink in the air, because someone burnt grass yesterday and just up and left before reassuring themselves the fire was spread...a lot. The neighbors and us had to monitor and put it out in places where the wildfire would have caused serious damage. It started raining during the night and it's still drizzling so all is well, but still. Some peeps are nuts!

Anywho ,  it's definitely spring. The early flowers are blooming. Grass has started growing again and even up here on the farm the bleak colorless winter landscape is changing.  

Yesterday I spent time outside in the sun long enough to gain a couple of freckles. Juhuu!

Sendt fra min Samsung-enhet at farm


  1. WooHoo! Selling real property can be stressful. My sister is trying to sell her home for the third time. I do glad yours went well! Also, good to see you back!

  2. *dances* There see...I knew something would bring a smile to your face. Happy thoughts for all. Enjoy. :-)