Thursday, May 14, 2015

spring update

Yeah, I'm still alive and kicking and I'm still busy. Time is funny in the way it seems to go by faster the older you get. Not quite true, because if you add boredom into the equation, time stands still. That doesn't really change with age, other than having even more worries to think about when you're bored...

Go away, I'm sleeping. I hate my period, it steals away all the fun in the world

In short

  • Marianne has been in heath
  • I've suffered from rheumatism and psoriassis, but I'm getting better because SPRING
  • Runar is still unemployed, but he's been to a few interviews and things are looking up
  • Got the flat sale money/inheritance and paid debt and credit cards
  • Started drainage work around the farm house and the field. The basement has been filled with water since last summer and Marianne is showing off "her special swimming pool" to visiting fourlegged friends, like she's bragging...
  • I've started knitting again
  • Simen is in the process of moving out. It'll be so weird and empty without any kids around...

This is how it looks like up at the farm these days. I'm working hard to convince myself there will be grass and pretty again...

See the huge rock at the bottom of the picture. We're going to try make it into a stone table. 

I've made this dress, but in a different color (sea-green)

Since I had left over yarn, I made a pair of socks and a hat as well. Probably will be making the mittens too. PS! I found a wonderful site that shows how to make pom poms in a much faster and easier way How to make 2 different pom poms - easy and fast

I've also made myself felted slippers and a hat, but I don't have pictures of them yet as they're on the drying rack

Peace out!


  1. Glad to see you. I'm still hiding, but at least I'm dry. Posting pictures.

  2. I want to live at your farm!

  3. The Nordic magic is too strong, Countess. ;) You wouldn't want to go back home. ;) I certainly didn't want to leave. ^-^

  4. Right now the farm is an enormous mud-field. I'm crossing fingers like crazy that the grass I sowed will start growing before the real summer is here. May has been very wet and very cold, lets hope June will bring on some warmth and sunshine ^_^