Monday, April 16, 2012

Poor Georg

Georg is sick as a dog - pun not intended. We had an improvised wok dish with moose meat this weekend. With curry and spices. (It turned out delicious, but that's beside the point) I fried some meat for Georg after I was done with the dish, but didn't rinse out the wok skillet and it turned out it was too hot/spicy for the poor guy. I'm impressed by how 'well mannered' he is. Even though he started getting sick last evening, he somehow managed to avoid any accidents during the night. He's been in and out since before 6 this morning. It's 10:30 now and I've already lost count how many times.

We're spending the rest of the day in the garden. He won't eat anything, which is understandable and normal, but neither is he willing to drink anything, which is a bit worrisome.  I'll wait a bit longer, if he still won't drink water, I'll have to figure out some way to trick him into drinking...I've got some salted potato chips. Cross your fingers he'll get better soon