Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HUZZAH! Summer vacation is over

What a relief! Vacation for us married moms is a lot of work, at least it is for this old hag. Garden parties, birthday parties, family gatherings with baking, cooking, preparing and cleaning.

Holy mother of all cows! The cleaning of houses and washing of clothes....

Yesterday I barely got out of bed at all. I ached so bad my body just shut down on me, and my brain refused to wake up.

 With teenagers holding the fort at home and Georg and I (hubby hasn't had his vacation yet, so he'll come up during weekends only) residing up at the farm, I get to clean twice a week at least. I work like a madwoman to clean the house and wash all the clothes before we head up to the mountain. Then I get to clean the cabin 2-3 days after, before we head back home, where, whaddya know, it's time to clean the house again. Not to mention the mountain of dirty laundry that is screaming at me to be washed.

Lets not forget about mowing the lawnS. I get to do that twice a week as well. Dang, I'm lucky! Crabtastically so.

Why do I get to do all the cleaning and mowing (I'm pretending you're asking me this) ? I honestly don't know, well, I kind of do. Hubby is still working crazy hours at work and when he's not at work, he's been fixing tractors and digging ditches in the marsh to dry it out enough for them to get out the trees this winter.

He has also been helping his brother fix his boat, so naturally there has been no time to fix OUR old volvo - the car that I use.

For the last three weeks I've only been able to use it when the sun is shining and it's daylight. 
The windshield wipers are broken, the tires are so worn out that every time I drove it, even on sunny days, I half way expected one of them to explode on me. There was not even one single light left on the car that worked.

If I had been pulled over, they'd take the license plates off immediately, if I was lucky. Likely I'd have gotten a fine or have my license withdrawn as well.

He finally got around to change tires, light bulbs and fix the wipers yesterday, because I took the only keys to the new volvo and told him that until he got the old volvo fixed, he wouldn't be using the new one.

I had gotten to the point where I was wondering why I'm married, or involved with any men at all, then I found this

...and I remembered, they are good for some things :P

My apologies for being a whiny bitch. It'll get better, promise.

I've been drafting silly blog posts during my stay away from civilization and internet, but they're still in on notepads. For instance, I learned a new word; fotherMucker! it's my favorite these days...

I'll get them typed and posted when my brain is working

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